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Summary of How-To Guides

Welcome to the comprehensive summary of PeopleGoal's How-To Guides! This collection of guides aims to assist HR professionals, managers, and employees in effectively utilizing the PeopleGoal platform to streamline various HR management processes and foster a thriving workplace environment.

From setting up performance evaluations to conducting employee surveys and implementing talent development initiatives, these How-To Guides cover a wide range of HR management topics. Whether you're new to PeopleGoal or looking to enhance your existing HR practices, these step-by-step guides will provide valuable insights and practical instructions to achieve your organizational goals.

Each guide is designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow, ensuring a seamless experience as you navigate through the implementation of various HR processes. By leveraging the power of PeopleGoal, you can efficiently manage employee performance, engagement, and career development, ultimately driving organizational success.

  1. How to set up 360° Feedback Learn the process of implementing a 360-degree feedback system to gather comprehensive performance evaluations from multiple sources.

  2. How to process Absence Requests through the Absence Management App Streamline the absence request process by utilizing an Absence Management App to handle and approve employee leave requests efficiently.

  3. How to re-enable users that have been removed Understand the steps to reinstate users who were previously removed from the system or deactivated.

  4. How to create an Employee Asset Tracking process Implement a system for tracking and managing employee assets such as equipment, devices, or tools.

  5. How to create Career Development One-to-Ones Establish effective one-to-one sessions between employees and managers to discuss and plan career development opportunities.

  6. How to set up a Company Culture survey Create and conduct a survey to assess and understand the prevailing company culture, helping to identify areas for improvement.

  7. How to run effective Development Plans Learn how to execute development plans that aid employees in enhancing their skills and knowledge.

  8. How to run a Diversity and Inclusion survey Conduct a survey focused on gathering insights into diversity and inclusion within the organization to foster a more inclusive environment.

  9. How to run an Employee Engagement survey Run a survey to gauge the level of employee engagement and job satisfaction, vital for improving overall productivity.

  10. How to have an Employee Manager Check-In Establish a structured check-in process between employees and managers to discuss progress, concerns, and goals.

  11. How to create an Employee Onboarding process Develop a comprehensive onboarding process to integrate new employees smoothly into the organization.

  12. How to run a Know Your Team exercise Organize a "Know Your Team" exercise to build strong team dynamics and foster better communication among team members.

  13. How to create and run a Mood Survey for your remote team Design and administer a mood survey to gauge the emotional well-being of remote team members and identify areas for support.

  14. How to create a New Joiner survey Develop a survey to collect feedback from new employees about their onboarding experience and initial impressions.

  15. How to set up Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Implement OKRs to define and track measurable goals that align with the company's overall objectives.

  16. How to run a Performance Review with Multiple Managers Conduct a performance review involving input from multiple managers to gain a holistic assessment of an employee's performance.

  17. How to set up a SMART Goals template Create a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals template to enhance goal-setting processes.

  18. How to create a Time Tracking process for remote workers Establish a time tracking system to monitor and manage the work hours of remote employees efficiently.

  19. How to create an Employee Wellbeing Survey Design a survey to assess the overall well-being and satisfaction of employees, identifying areas for well-being initiatives.

  20. How to create an HR workflow Develop an efficient HR workflow to streamline various HR processes, ensuring consistency and effectiveness.

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