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One of the industry leaders in cloud-based HR solutions, BambooHR's Employee Database will act as the primary source of users and profile data for PeopleGoal, which means there's no need to duplicate your employee information across two accounts. You can sync your entire BambooHR employee list, as well as divisions, departments and supervisor relationships. Setting up your integration is non-technical and can be completed in under a minute.

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Slack is an amazing tool for team communication and collaboration. Integrate PeopleGoal with Slack to keep on top of custom PeopleGoal reminders, provide quick feedback to your teammates and track the progress of your direct reports - all in your Slack workspace!

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Workday can unify finance and HR, giving you real-time insights, global visibility, and predictive analytics. Built for the cloud, Workday has its customers at the heart of all of its business decisions. Established by founders with a credible proven track record, Workday considers the role of its customers in the development of its solutions. A single version of this tool is available to meet the needs of all diverse companies, as Workday also integrates with a large number of business systems and applications, including PeopleGoal.

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