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PeopleGoal is an employee performance management software platform for high-growth teams. Engage your employees with recognition, rewards, surveys and news. Manage your team members with core HR features including absence management, asset tracking and onboarding. Boost performance with SMART goals, OKRs, 360 degree feedback, one-to-ones and performance reviews.


Flexible software to set SMART goals, OKRs, conduct 360 degree feedback, performance reviews & more.

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Goal setting

Successful companies align employee goals to the growth strategy of the business. With our goal setting tools you set high-level company objectives using a balanced scorecard approach. Employees align their individual goals to these company objectives, which improves their understanding of their contribution to the company success. Employees can set SMART goals, OKRS or any other custom goal setting methodology.

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Feedback & Coaching

The key to building a valuable feedback process is generating honest, regular and actionable information. PeopleGoal performance management software has an extremely customizable system for building 360 degree feedback forms. You can add feedback questions, rating scales and other criteria to build a feedback form that suits your company.

Performance reviews

Having a structured, documented performance review process improves accountability and tractability across your team. The PeopleGoal performance management software has a customizable workflow builder that delivers complex processes across performance reviews, 1:1s or multi-input meetings. This allows you to accurately assess the performance of your employees and easily recognize their efforts or address their areas of improvement.

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One-to-ones (1:1s)

Schedule custom one-to-ones (1:1s) with our performance management software. One-to-ones can cover your specific discussion points or be entirely auto-generated based on goal performance. PeopleGoal one-to-ones allow you to facilitate regular conversations between your team members, improving communication and building an action-based culture.

On-boarding & Off-boarding

An effective on-boarding process for new employees is critical to develop that initial engagement level and get new hires feeling confident, productive and part of the team. PeopleGoal has an on-boarding solution centered around checklists and task activities. These checklists can be customized and a unique on-boarding workflow built for your specific team requirements. Off-boarding can be a chance to leave a positive impression of your company; a well-structured off-boarding and exit interview process will make those difficult transitions much smoother for both parties.

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Employee self-service & custom databases

PeopleGoal acts as an all-in-one solution for employee self-service: employees can update personal & emergency details, job titles, roles, and much more. PeopleGoal is a customizable employee database; you are free to add and define custom fields and field-types to store any information that may be relevant to your process or company. Our self-service solution leads to improved accuracy of HR information, increased efficiency and less time spent on administrative activities.

Engagement surveys

Understanding the different engagement levels in your team is crucial, in order for the correct action to be taken. Before you can begin to build your company culture you need to identify baseline engagement levels. PeopleGoal allows you to design and run completely customizable engagement surveys. These can be totally anonymous and fully automated. Regular engagement surveys allow for early identification of problem areas, and allows you to track performance over time.

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Employee recognition and appreciation is key to promoting a culture that rewards the right behaviors. Using PeopleGoal for regular recognition leads to happier employees, lower absenteeism, higher retention and greater employee loyalty. Recognizing personal accomplishments is a key factor in motivating the new generation of employees entering the workforce. Recognition takes the form of quick, public posts and tags on PeopleGoal and is fully integrated into the rest of our product.


As the owner of the engagement survey process, PeopleGoal analytics allows you to examine the raw engagement data at a low level and pull out key insights and reports. These are made available to share with management or the c-suite. Our analytics suite will identify the under-performing or problem areas relative to the average and provide insights into areas for improvement.

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Hear from some of our happy customers

PeopleGoal was the best investment I’ve made in the suite of HR tools I’ve invested in recently! The solution has transformed the way we engage with our people and has allowed us to transition from time consuming administrative activities with everything that PeopleGoal offers. With its simple and easy to use UX, quick requirement to solution delivery timelines and coupled with great service from their customer engagement team, the acceptance/change management process has been the easiest and most effective I have experienced!
Kevin Vaz
Kevin Vaz

HR Director, Leica Geosystems

PeopleGoal was very simple to implement and is intuitive to use. The company's responsiveness to requests, customizations and enhancements has been unparalleled... we have never been told to 'wait until the next release'; 99% of the time our requests are accommodated with immediate effect.
Heather Friesen
Heather Friesen

Head of HR, Abu Dhabi University

Great for People... Robust talent platform with extensive custom functionality. Learning curve is fast for both employees and administrators due to ease of use. Fully integrated with other cloud platforms
Chryssa Karagianni
Chryssa Karagianni

Senior HR Analyst, Softomotive

We love how easily PeopleGoal enabled to place Performance and Development in to the hands of our leaders and co-workers. Everyone says it’s easy to use, gives great overview and brings value from day-one.
Ahto Karolin
Ahto Karolin

Digital Lead, Luminor Bank


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