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How it works

No-code configuration for HR workflows.

Create workspaces and install apps that suit your company culture. Design custom workflows and connect your HR tools. Capture your true organizational network and create custom reports and analytics.


Browse the app store or design your own custom apps.


Customize the design of your apps including images, colors and layouts. Add, remove or change the form components of any app in your account.


Innovative permission system allows cascading permissions for teams or individual users, allowing direct control over app access and visiblity.


On the template level users can control the visibility of individual app elements and sections. Achieve full control of your process.


Design custom workflows with no-code configuration.


Forms can move through states. Each state presents a different perspective to the current owner, enabling unparalleled visibility and control.


Each workflow can have multiple participants. A participant can be auto-determined to enable seamless workflows across teams.


Define custom rules triggered at form submission time. Send emails, change statuses, post to webhooks or reset your form state.


Multi-dimensional teams that represent the real organization.


Real organizations are not flat hierarchies. PeopleGoal captures multi-dimensional teams where the "n:n" concept applies.


PeopleGoal captures real company relationships. Build custom org charts and identify the real dynamics in your teams.


Built to scale. PeopleGoal grows with you and allows you to manage growing, changing and evolving teams at scale.


Custom reports and analytics that allow you to drill deeper than ever before.


Instant access to real-time data on all of our apps. Build custom reports with charts, graphs and interactive data sets.

On-demand reports

Once your report has been designed and tested, schedule it to be prepared on a recurring basis and share with your team or leaders.


Define custom calculations within an item in an app, or across the entire app. The calculation engine allows detailed metrics to be created.


Drive improved and measurable performance with apps for OKRs, SMART Goals, 360 Feedback, Continuous Feedback and Performance Reviews.

Save time by automating goal cycles

Select the type of goals you want to use such as OKRs and SMART goals or create your goal-setting template from scratch. Connect individual, team and company goals to maintain alignment & transparency.

Build a value-centered feedback culture

Help employees increase their self-awareness, understand their strengths and blind spots. Remove bias and drive a well-rounded review process that counts on opinions that matter the most.

Deliver employee-centric reviews that fast forward growth

Run employee-centric performance reviews that are easy to set up, easy to complete and valuable for all. Every review will have all the context you need in one place, so your process is fair, accurate and streamlined.


Surveys and tools to measure and manage employee engagement. Browse and customize apps that allow you to take weekly pulse surveys, quarterly engagement surveys and more.

Explore your engagement levels

Make better decisions with the right employee insights. Check-in on your team, support their well-being and lift their engagement. Understand your employees and drive impactful change across all levels within your company.

Ask the right questions and see the big picture

Build surveys that perfectly match with your identity and reinforce your employer brand. Customize all survey elements, such as question sets and response scales to set your tone. Auto-pilot your surveys by setting recurring survey cycles. Streamline and automate the process for consistent results.


Empower your employees with development opportunities. Our app store covers development plans, one-to-ones, career plans, job families and more.

Empower employee growth and skills development

Talent development is fundamental to organizational success. Create a development roadmap to help your team pursue professional growth, continually develop their skills and drive the company forward.

Help talent drive their own growth and development

Give employees the autonomy to plan their own career progression with supervisor support. Define long-term goals, identify the skills and knowledge needed to achieve them, and track updates as you progress.

Core HR & Onboarding

Give new hires the best possible experience. Manage core HR with customizable profile templates and apps such as absence management, asset tracking and employee onboarding.

Cut through the chaos with automated employee onboarding

First impressions count. Whether your team is remote, in-office, or both, provide a consistently impressive new hire experience with simple, beautifully designed onboarding programs for every stage of the employee journey.

Help new talent easily adapt to your company culture

Simple, configurable templates let you design onboarding your way with no tech expertise needed. Easily modify the process for different roles, teams and departments, and express your unique culture from day one.

We now have an holistic view of performance and that’s completely transformed how we track, manage and develop our people. The sentiment reports provide us with actionable insights which means we’re no longer having to take stabs in the dark. Because PeopleGoal is user-friendly, employee feedback has also been very positive - and that confirms we made the right choice.

Kevin Vaz
HR Director, Leica Geosystems

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PeopleGoal serves customers around the globe, with 24/7 support and 10 different languages.

I hadn't yet found a solution that could link performance reviews to compensation data but when I broached this, I was surprised by PeopleGoal's ability to make that happen. Ultimately the team delivered on exactly what I needed. That really blew me away - it's very much a platform built on customer feedback.

Nora Thomas
Human Resources Manager, PAVIR

"Simple and clear Performance Managment solution"

Ahto Karolin
Digital Lead, Luminor Bank
Overall Rating

"Great leadership tool........!"

Edmundo Martinez
Human Resources Manager, Forney Corporation
Overall Rating

"Great for People "

Chryssa Karagianni
Senior HR Analyst, Softomotive
Overall Rating

"Performance review made easy"

Verified Reviewer
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Overall Rating

"Performance software management is key to our successes! PeopleGoal is awesome!"

Kevin Cunanan
EVP of HR/OD, Health-Ade
Overall Rating

"Outstanding customer service and the follow up and follow through is out of this world..."

Dee Brown
Sr. Director of HR, Forney Corporation
Overall Rating

"We are Very happy to use this tool."

Pranay Mateti
Senior Technical Recruiter, Reliable Software
Overall Rating

"A Great Software!"

Michel de Sainte Marie
Technical Recruiter & Training Specialist, Nexthink
Overall Rating

"Performance evaluation made easy"

Heather Friesen
Very simple to implement and is intuitive to use, ADU
Overall Rating

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