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Customize our platform

PeopleGoal is a modular, customizable platform that allows you to tailor your current performance management process, rather than be dictated by a strict formula. We also offer general best practice options like OKRs, KPIs and a Balanced Scorecard approach for companies wanting to kickstart a new process or bring theirs up to date.

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Optimize your process

Take away the administrative headache - PeopleGoal intuitively links all areas of the performance management cycle online, in one place. Goals, Feedback, Reviews and Development are tracked together and feed reporting data. The robust reporting suite allows your senior team to instantly see as broad or as detailed a picture of the company's performance as they need it.

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Best-in-class customer service

Our five-star support team is quick to respond and ready to help. Even with simple our implementation, we know that onboarding your business can be the toughest part of starting a new service, and we are here to answer any little question that springs up. Once you're up and running we are always available for a check-in or just to hear great feedback.

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Goals and OKRs

Successful companies align employee goals to the growth strategy of the business. With our performance management software you set high-level company objectives using a balanced scorecard approach. Employees align their individual goals to these company objectives, which improves their understanding of their contribution to the company's success.

Setting Goals & OKRs

360-degree feedback

The key to a building a valuable feedback process is generating honest, regular and actionable information. PeopleGoal has an extremely customizable system for building feedback forms. You can add feedback questions, rating scales and other criteria to build a feedback form that suits your company.

360-degree feedback

Performance reviews

Performance reviews are a natural outcome of goals and feedback throughout the performance cycle. A good performance review should just document what’s already been achieved and discussed between the employee and manager. With PeopleGoal, reviews take in all the key data we’ve already gathered and allow both parties to comment on their performance.

Performance reviews

Social recognition

The social recognition module creates records of employee contributions across your organization and is visible to all employees on the platform. It’s a useful tool to see what employees are busy with on a day-to-day basis. Employees can comment and up-vote contributions and recognition about their peers on the timeline.

Social recognition

And much, much more ...

PeopleGoal has a number of additional people-related modules that you can configure and customize. These include a development planning module, training administration module and projects module. You can create and view organizational charts, staff directories and company structures.

Additional modules

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