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Now that you've got the account fundamentals down, learn how to configure your own custom workflows and create new apps. You'll get to understand how state rules, actions and conditions work, and get to know the advanced permission and visibility settings. We'll also take you through the app reporting functionality, how to use the data view to build and schedule custom reports and how to create your own charts.

Key Terminology

As a quick reminder, these are some of the key terms everybody will come across when using PeopleGoal.

Apps are pages for each workflow. An app is a template for the form you want to complete. In Performance Management for example, you'll have individual apps for reviews, one-to-one meetings, 360 feedback and OKRs/SMART goals.

Items are an instance of an app created by a user. The performance review for employee Jane Smith is an item created in the Reviews app, or your Q1 objectives will be individual items created in the OKRs app.

Workspaces are the containers for all of your apps. Think of it as the topic or category for all of the apps within a workspace, like Performance Management or Employee Engagement.

States are stages in the app workflow. Every item can move through many states, with each state owner responsible for completing the form in that state and sending it on to the next state.

Permissions control the visibility of items, apps and workspaces. You'll see permissions like "create only", "create and edit" or "view only".

Relationships are a link between two users - like Manager/Direct Report, Supervisor/Employee or Mentor/Team Member. You can have many relationships on PeopleGoal, meaning you're not limited to the traditional employee/line manager views.

Teams are groups of users. You can belong to many teams, and teams can connect to one another to build out a matrix organizational structure that reflects your actual working groups, not just a strict organizational hierarchy.

Let's go over a critical part of your PeopleGoal account - permissions and visibility.

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