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Create a PeopleGoal Account

First things first - you need a PeopleGoal account. Learn how to create a new account for your organization, invite your colleagues to join your account and manage requests to join the account. Simple!

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Set up a new account

peoplegoal create an account

  • Enter your organization's name and give us a few sentences about what you're looking for. This will help our team suggest the best Apps to install to get you started.
  • Click Next to move on, or Go back if you'd like to join an existing account instead of creating a new one.

peoplegoal new account details

  • Select your Role title and Organization size, then click Next to move on or Go back to change your new account name.

peoplegoal new account role details

  • You'll be asked to enter a new subdomain to create your account. The subdomain is the unique URL for your organization on PeopleGoal. Employees can use the subdomain to search and request to join your account so try to make it as close to your business name as possible.

peoplegoal new account subdomain

  • Click Create your account and you're done!

Invite others to join your account

Invite teammates to collaborate on your PeopleGoal account when you're getting set up or after you've created a new account.

We'd recommend you add users to your account before you set up your teams and relationships structure.

This will help to visualise how teams and relationships should connect using your actual employees, and give you the unique employee IDs to create those connections using the import templates for relationships and teams.

1. When you create your account

If you've got a few teammates in mind you can add them straight from the account set-up process.

  • Enter their email addresses in the Email section and click Send invitation.
  • If you'd prefer to add team members after you've installed a couple of apps, click I'm done, take me to my account! instead.

peoplegoal invite users sign up

2. After you've created an account

  • Click the Account menu in the lefthand navbar, then click on Users.

account users

  • Click on the Invitations tab and enter the email addresses of the teammates you'd like to invite.
  • Click Send invitation and we'll do the rest.

send invitation

Import users

You can add new teammates all at once by using the Import template.

  • Click on the Import users tab, then Download import template to get started.
  • Fill out the fields on your Excel template and save your local copy to upload this to PeopleGoal in the next step.
  • On the Import users tab, click Next step to continue.
  • Click Select import data and choose your Import Template from where it's saved on your local machine.
  • Click Upload data and you'll see a new field appear in the Data imports area.
  • Click on the latest upload in Data imports and choose which of your new profiles should be an Account owner (hint: not many!).
  • Then click Invite users and we'll send the invitation email to all of your new employees.

import users

step 2

step 3

send invite to imported users

Manage invitations you've sent

  • Click on the Invitations tab to see the status of the invitations you've sent.
  • Click Delete invitation to revoke access for anybody who hasn't yet signed up.

delete invitation

Join an account

Looking to join an existing PeopleGoal account? You can request an invitation.

  • Go to and click Join an existing account.
  • Type in the unique subdomain for your organization and click Send request.

peoplegoal join account request

We'll check if this business has a PeopleGoal account and if you already have an invitation pending.

When your request is successful you'll see a green "Done!" message and that's it. Your request will be sent to the account owners to approve, and you'll be notified by email of your approval with a login link.

After you've created or joined an account, you'll be taken to your new PeopleGoal Dashboard. Let's take you through the easy navigation and show you where to find your profile, workspaces, apps and teams.

PeopleGoal Support Team

PeopleGoal Support Team

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