360 degree feedback software for high performing teams

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360 degree feedback software for high performing teams

360 degree feedback provides valuable insight to managers and employees and empowers continuous development of your workforce and growth of your business.

PeopleGoal is a 360 degree feedback platform that enables organizations to provide and receive anonymous or non-anonymous feedback across all levels of the business as well as external parties. You can request and give feedback on an organizational level, departmental, team or even individual stage.

360 degree feedback is one of the most important modules of performance management as it not only enables management to gain valuable insights into performance and potential of their workforce but it also provides real time ongoing understanding of each individual’s opportunities for development and learning.

Why use 360 degree software?

360 degree software is a powerful tool to improve the performance of your workforce. It enables your employees to continuously develop thanks to constructive feedback that allows them to uncover not only their strengths but also areas of improvement. It enables the staff to continuously track their growth in long term ensuring its alignment to the organizational objectives.

360 reviews provide your employees with a chance to see themselves, their skills and behaviours from a different perspective and widen their perception of themselves.

Furthermore, employees who receive ongoing feedback feel valued and are consequently more motivated and loyal to their businesses.

What are the benefits of using 360 degree software

benefits of 360 degree feedback software

How to implement 360 feedback process to your organization

When putting in place a 360 feedback process it is important to strategize well and prepare. You should ask yourself who is going to be involved in providing the feedback and how will you ensure that the insights from feedback are used effectively.

To start, you need to encourage your employees to provide feedback to their peers as well as management. In order to do so make sure to:

  1. Market your feedback process
  2. Provide guidance and training
  3. Take action
  4. Be the role model of what you want to see from your employees
  5. Encourage peer to peer feedback
  6. Address the discomfort
  7. Reinforce confidentiality

What questions should you ask in your feedback survey?

Organizational feedback questions

  1. Is there anything we should start doing to make the company a great place to work at?
  2. Is there anything we should stop doing to make the company a great place to work at?
  3. What shall we continue doing to make the company a great place to work at?
  4. Is the mission and vision clearly communicated and aligned to your goals?
  5. How can we improve company communication with employees?

Manager feedback questions

  1. What type of skills we should look for in new hires?
  2. What I should improve as a manager?
  3. What are my weaknesses as a manager?
  4. Did you feel stretched enough throughout the performance cycle?
  5. Do you feel rewarded for your contributions in the overall business agenda?

Employee feedback questions

  1. How do you think I performed in this task?
  2. How did you find my interactions with you and the rest of the team?
  3. What I can do to improve the team performance?
  4. How I can improve my soft skills?
  5. What skills I should develop in order to progress my career?

How are major organizations approaching 360 feedback?

Most of the fortune 500 recognize the advantages of using 360 feedback software and moved from annual reviews to ongoing feedback and reviews process. Various companies use various ratings that match their processes and culture.

What are the best online resources about 360 feedback?

  1. The Essential Guide to 360 Feedback - PeopleGoal
  2. 360 degree feedback - CIPD
  3. Employee feedback - officevibe

360 feedback best practices

  • Involve management and keep them accountable for the results
  • Keep it confidential to enhance constructive criticism
  • Create an action plan to follow up to keep the feedback going
  • Consider the personality of the person you are providing feedback to and adjust your tone based on that
  • Implement the stop, start, continue questions

Benefits of 360 degree feedback

According to Richard Lepsinger and Anntoinette D. Lucia 360 reviews help to;

  • Promote change across organization
  • Achieve business strategy
  • Promote individual and team performance
  • Improve Human Resources management
  • Develop leadership qualities
  • Manage employee performance and development
  • Create a safe environment where feedback is shared and accepted for personal and organizational growth
  • Develop leadership

PeopleGoal 360 feedback builder

Using PeopleGoal as your 360 degree feedback software

The most important and valuable aspect of our software is that it is flexible and customizable to your needs and processes in place in your organization. The typical implementation cycle is 1 to 4 weeks depending on your requirements and company size.

360 degree feedback Software - PeopleGoal

Account configuration and training

Our account managers will work closely with your HR team to configure your PeopleGoal account to your specific requirements. We will review your requirements and make recommendations to improve your existing process. PeopleGoal integrates with BambooHR, Workday, MS Azure and ADP. We can utilize our integrations to import your employee data. Alternatively we can load the employee data in your account via Excel. We will provide training to your HR function and employees. Our aim is to ensure that every user has a comprehensive understanding of our platform and its capability.

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Implementing a 360 degree feedback processes

Creating your 360 degree feedback templates is quick and easy with PeopleGoal. You define which feedback questions you want to ask, and whether you require ratings and/or written responses for each question. Activate the option for anonymous feedback, as well as hidden feedback that's routed to the manager. Your templates can be customized at the department, team and even individual level to create completely unique forms that ask relevant and actionable feedback from your participants. Embedded content: https://www.loom.com/share/fe6648bddf004a64932e648bdef7aeba

Requesting 360 degree feedback

Request feedback for yourself and your direct reports at any time with just two clicks. PeopleGoal facilitates both internal and external feedback, so you can gather responses not only from your colleagues but from clients, suppliers and external partners - without requiring them to have a PeopleGoal account.


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Providing 360 degree feedback

Proactively providing feedback for your colleagues is just as easy with PeopleGoal, and you can even give self feedback to get a full 360 degree view of your performance.

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Feedback reporting

We plot your feedback scores along a 9-box style grid to give leaders a broad picture of top performers and where improvements can be made. Managers can see all feedback for their direct reports, and admins have visibility of all feedback at all times. Employee feedback reports in PDF show you all feedback by provider, and per question asked. All feedback can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.

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Go the extra mile - social recognition badges

A fantastic complement to written feedback is our suite of recognition badges. Give a quick thank you to teammates and colleagues who've gone above and beyond, and recognise them publicly on the Timeline. It's a great morale booster and an easy way to encourage a culture of appreciation in your team.

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New to 360 degree feedback?

If you are interested in finding out more about 360-degree methodology and why it's worth investing in feedback software, find below our Essential Guide to 360 Feedback covering in detail its benefits, valuable tips for managers and employees as well as handy examples.

360 feedback guide

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