360 Degree Feedback Software to Develop Teams

360 degree feedback software helps you to develop and engage your talent by automating one of the best practices in performance management: continuous feedback.

360 degree feedback software helps you to develop and engage your talent by automating one of the best practices in performance management: continuous feedback.

Did you know that nearly 60% of employees in a PwC survey said that they would like feedback on a daily or weekly basis? And that number that increased to 72% for employees under age 30. If you're not offering a system to support continuous feedback you're ignoring a crucial stepping stone to developing a self-sufficient, productive and engaged team. In fact, a third of full-time employees would prefer to receive more feedback - not less.

360 degree feedback (also called a 360 review) is a simple process of asking for insight on your work from a cross-functional group of colleagues, juniors, seniors and even clients that you collaborate with on a regular basis. It's straightforward in theory, but without a clear process and an automated cycle behind your feedback gathering your results will be inconsistent and useless to employee development.

How 360 degree feedback software can help

Even if you've got a good system going of regularly giving and asking for feedback among the team, it's a nightmare to try to keep track of that data and your performance over time. That's where a 360 degree feedback process can take your continuous feedback process to the next level. Using feedback software will give you invaluable insight into long-term trends in performance that lead to more strategic decision making, more targeted employee development conversations, and better leadership skills.

Whether you're new to 360 degree feedback software or you're looking to upgrade your outdated platform for something more intuitive, PeopleGoal's flexible solutions have you covered. A feedback system that enhances the performance evaluations for human resources is an extremely useful tool that can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a team.

Customizable 360 degree feedback workflows

Automate your 360 workflows with our powerful Relationships function that connects any two users beyond the traditional manager/direct report line. Or give talent the opportunity to request their own feedback from peers, with input from their supervisor.

Customize 360 Feedback

Build calculations straight into the form! Ratings are helpful to benchmark performance, and weightings add that extra level of specificity needed when assessing competencies across different job families.

Ratings 360

Custom 360 review reporting

Most 360 degree feedback software providers hold your data hostage and only give you access to in-house reports or charge for expensive upgrades. We make every single data point available to you any time you need it. Use this to build custom charts in-app, or hook up PeopleGoal to business intelligence tools using our easy integrations.


Capture anonymous feedback

And what if you want your feedback to be anonymous? Easy! Just send the webform link to your feedback provider and their submission will be 100% anonymous - even to us. They won't need to create a PeopleGoal account or log in to any portal at all, so you can also use this option for external client feedback. Especially when you're getting started with 360 feedback, having an anonymous option reassures teammates of confidentiality and builds trust in the process.

Anonymous Feedback

In-depth resources and guides

PeopleGoal's apps are all based on best practices through our years of experience working with thousands of HR, People Ops and C-Suite customers. We want to share that expertise with you and bring you in to our community to help you deliver HR, your way. You'll be able to install best-in-class process templates from our App Store, and access our in-depth guides, whitepapers, webcasts, Support Center and libraries.

360 degree feedback software resource library

Why does 360 degree feedback software work?

360 degree feedback software enables your employees to continuously develop thanks to constructive feedback that allows them to uncover not only their strengths but also areas of improvement. It enables staff to continuously track their growth in the long-term with real-time reporting, ensuring personal growth and alignment to organizational objectives.

Employee feedback software provides your employees with a chance to see themselves, their skills and behaviors from a different perspective and widen their perception of themselves. The ability to measure employee satisfaction also provides companies with real-time feedback on the employee experience.

Employees who receive ongoing feedback feel valued and are consequently more motivated and loyal to their businesses. In other words, regular feedback drives higher rates of employee engagement. Performance appraisals are better informed and so the potential for leadership development also prospers.

Where can I learn more about 360 degree feedback best practices?

Our team of HR experts is here to help. We'll give you a comprehensive library of templates, best practices and advice to get you up and running.

360 degree feedback software essential guide

Download the Essential Guide to 360 Feedback - PeopleGoal

You can also check out these recommended resources:

How do we run a 360 degree feedback process with PeopleGoal?

When putting in place a 360° feedback process it's important to strategize well and prepare. You should ask yourself who is going to be involved in providing the employee feedback and how will you ensure that the insights from feedback are used effectively.

Considerations for team members and how you will measure employee engagement must come into the equation. The power of an employee feedback software tool is seen in its capacity to improve employee performance on a company-wide scale. Performance reviews that are informed by feedback reports are far more useful and accurate to the true nature of the employee performance.

The most important and valuable aspect of our employee feedback software is that it is flexible and customizable to your needs and processes in place in your organization so you can implement it quickly and easily. The typical implementation cycle is 1 to 4 weeks depending on your requirements and company size.

360 degree feedback Software - PeopleGoal

Account configuration and training

Our account managers will work closely with your HR team to configure your PeopleGoal account to your specific requirements. We will review your requirements and make recommendations to improve your existing process.

PeopleGoal integrates with BambooHR, Workday, MS Azure and ADP. We can utilize our integrations to import your employee data. Alternatively we can load the employee data in your account via Excel.

We will provide training to your HR function and employees. Our aim is to ensure that every user has a comprehensive understanding of our platform and its capability.

Training and Configuration

Requesting 360 degree feedback

Request feedback for yourself and your direct reports at any time with just two clicks. PeopleGoal facilitates both internal and external feedback, so you can gather responses not only from your colleagues but from clients, suppliers and external partners - without requiring them to have a PeopleGoal account. Reports peers write about each other have obvious benefits whilst opening the conversation to external clients has even more benefits.


Requesting Feedback


Anonymous Feedback

Providing 360 degree feedback

Proactively providing feedback for your colleagues is just as easy with PeopleGoal, and you can even give self feedback to get a full 360 degree view of your performance.

Customize 360 Feedback

Feedback reporting

Use our custom charst builder to give leaders a broad picture of top performers and where improvements can be made. Managers can see all feedback for their direct reports, and admins have visibility of all feedback at all times. Employee feedback reports in PDF show you all feedback by provider, and per question asked. All feedback can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.


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