Performance Reviews Software to Fast Forward Success

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Performance Reviews Software to Fast Forward Success

Performance reviews software automates and streamlines your performance appraisal process. Bring alignment and connection to your team and fast track their professional development.

PeopleGoal is a cloud-based engagement and performance management system that can be configured to your requirements. We help you to transform your paper-based processes into simple and easy-to-use online continuous performance management processes.

Performance reviews are an essential conversation for employees and managers to have together as part of the continuous performance management cycle. When done well, regular check-ins bring alignment and focus to teams, foster productive working relationships and help individuals to build professional development strategies.

How can performance reviews software help you?

One of the biggest complaints team members have about performance appraisals is that they're time-consuming and difficult to manage. Automating your review cycle takes away the administrative headache of running reviews.

Additionally, linking up all the aspects of your performance cycle - goal setting, feedback, one to one meetings and development - into the review conversation makes it a streamlined and effective discussion. Employees and managers can focus on the big picture without wasting their time digging around for relevant information.

Performance Reviews Software

Why use PeopleGoal for your performance reviews?

At PeopleGoal we're aware that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to performance management tools. We've developed a seamless, easy-to-use and highly configurable platform to meet the individual needs of your organization and create effective paper-less processes.

When it comes to designing your performance appraisals, the more targeted your review questions are, the more engaged employees will be in the process and the more impactful the outcomes will be.

PeopleGoal has over 150 different configurations available including department, team and individual questions; objective-based assessments; weighted calculations and performance/potential grid ratings. We'll help you to track the development areas that really matter to your business, and access all the data you need for strategic decision making.

Create custom review forms for every level of the business

Creating a targeted, relevant set of review questions ensures your employees and managers are engaged in their job performance conversations and focusing on the areas that really matter to their business unit. We allow you to create company-wide, department, team and even individual-level review questions to really tailor your review to your employees' unique roles.

Complete employee self-assessments

Employees need to reflect on their own progress, to celebrate their wins and recognize areas for development. Kicking off the review conversation with a self-assessment creates accountability and builds a framework for the ultimate manager discussion.

Give managers all the data they need to deliver a powerful review

Scrambling around trying to find all the relevant feedback, objectives and targets an employee has worked on is not an effective use of a manager's time. Especially when managers these days have more direct reports than ever. PeopleGoal brings all of your performance data together in the review itself. You've got instant access to 360 feedback, achievement of objectives, recognition and employee notes while you're writing your assessment.

Incorporate regular check-ins to the performance review process

A performance review shouldn't be a once-a-year task. While an annual review is great for assessing the long-term development of an employee, building in regular monthly or quarterly check-ins will help to address issues as and when they arrive. This will give you an opportunity to take corrective actions on objectives and targets.

Performance review reporting

All of your PeopleGoal data is exportable to Excel and PDF reports, so you can run your own analysis of the areas that really matter to you. We also provide you with automated online reports including a performance heatmap and a performance vs. potential grid summary which is great for succession planning and competency development.

What are the benefits of using performance reviews software?

The benefits of performance reviews software

Boost engagement

Promoting regular check-ins between employees and managers keeps everybody on track with their progress and helps to identify performance issues as and when they arise. Employees are encouraged to reflect on their role and to give feedback: both proven methods to boost employee engagement.

Build communication

Regular performance reviews combined with 360 feedback helps to keep the communication channels open and encourages employees and managers to develop an open, honest working relationship. A documented performance appraisal gives employees a structured process in which to approach their manager to clarify expectations, identify issues and plan their development.

Promote self development

With the right performance review questions, employees should be identifying their own strengths and weaknesses and how these impact their work. Every individual's performance contributes to how well their team, department and the whole organization operates. A good performance appraisal software will give employees visibility of their contribution to the team and where their skills gaps are, so that they can further develop themselves.

Gain management insight

Having instant access to company-wide performance data is critical for management to be able to hone in on hotspots and make quick strategic decisions. Nobody wants to be digging through years of paper appraisal forms to find your star performers. With performance reviews software, all of your scores and comments are available immediately, and most will provide data analytics to aggregate ratings in real time, highlight competencies and call out areas for development.

Easier records keeping

Documenting performance reviews is one of the easiest ways to prevent miscommunication and keep an objective record of all performance issues. A performance management software provider lets you define your process upfront, then set it to roll without the admin-heavy burden of constantly distributing forms and collating responses.

Try our performance reviews phrases builder!

Having the right vocabulary to discuss employee performance and development is an important tool for both employees and managers. Try out our performance reviews phrases builder to construct meaningful appraisal language across every function.

PeopleGoal's Performance Reviews Software Implementation

The most important and valuable aspect of our software is that it is flexible and customizable to your needs and the processes in place in your organization. The typical implementation cycle is 1 to 4 weeks depending on your requirements and company size.

OKRs Software - PeopleGoal

Account configuration and training

Our account managers will work closely with your HR team to configure your PeopleGoal account to your specific requirements. We will review your requirements and make recommendations to improve your existing process.

PeopleGoal integrates with BambooHR, Workday, MS Azure and ADP. We can utilize our integrations to import your employee data. Alternatively, we can load the employee data in your account via Excel.

We will provide training to your HR function and employees. Our aim is to ensure that every user has a comprehensive understanding of our platform and its capability.

Best online resources for performance reviews

For a complete guide to creating a performance appraisal process from scratch, these are our top 3 most useful resources:

  1. The Essential Guide to Performance Reviews - PeopleGoal
  2. Performance Appraisals Factsheet - CIPD
  3. Performance Reviews Overview - PeopleGoal

Tips for effective performance reviews

  • Implement regular check-ins, one on one meetings and shorter, more frequent reviews.
  • Encourage conversations and listen to the needs of your employees.
  • Keep the appraisal honest and objective.
  • Coach and mentor your employees.
  • Give your employees time to prepare and create an action plan after the review.
  • Make the process clear and measurable from day one.

Tips for effective performance reviews

New to employee performance reviews?

Our PeopleGoal blog is full of tips and best practices to help you develop a new performance review process, optimize an existing appraisal or give guidance to employees and managers to get the most out of their reviews. If you're just getting started, take a look at our tips for setting up an outstanding appraisal process or steal one of our handy performance review templates. We've also got our Essential Guide to Performance Reviews that covers all of the above and more!

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