Modernizing Performance Management in Medium and Large Organizations

In modern business it is no longer sufficient to just “manage” employee performance. You must strive to improve employee engagement and give employees the right tools to develop and perform.

HR departments struggle with issues like lack of visibility in tracking performance progress. Employees aren’t seeing the company goals and senior managers are not seeing how employees support these goals. Lack of employee engagement leads to difficulties in attracting and retaining talent.

So where do you start? How do you optimize and improve your performance management process, change the way you manage employees or even consider replacing your paper-based processes with online/digital management?

You start by reviewing and incorporating change into three key areas of your business — technology, process, and culture. Improvements in these areas can increase employee productivity, while streamlining your performance management systems.

In this toolkit you’ll find a distillation of lessons learned implementing new and complex performance management solutions in over 100 large international enterprises. PeopleGoal’s objective is simple: to give your organization a project plan. We'll provide you with a roadmap to easily and successfully reinvent your performance management process. With this toolkit you’ll get a best-in-class approach to designing, building, and implementing new processes. We want you to have the tools needed to engage employees, helping them to become better performers and more satisfied participants in your business. We’ve also included practical templates, because we want you to have a head start on the practical implementation of such a project, as well as the framework needed for successfully executing such large-scale change.

Modernizing Performance Management in Medium and Large Organizations

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