Performance Management Software for Fast Growing Companies

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Performance Management Software for Fast Growing Companies

Employee performance management software is a key tool to effectively manage your workforce, boost productivity and create an inclusive and engaging company culture.

PeopleGoal is a cloud-based performance management system that allows you to meet the needs of an ever-changing HR market and transform your paper-based processes into simple and easy-to-use online continuous performance management processes.

Why use performance management software?

It can be said that human capital is the most important part of your business. With a dynamic and ever-changing job market it's becoming increasingly difficult to effectively manage and retain the best talent. Therefore, performance management software has become an integral part of a productive organizational environment. PeopleGoal has been designed to improve the performance and productivity of your business, align the goals of each individual to the overall business strategy and help engage your staff to develop themselves and their careers.

Configuration and customization

PeopleGoal empowers you to create customized processes that fit the existing culture in your organization and meet the complex and varied needs of multiple teams. Our configurable processes are quick and easy to use, with over 150 different behavioral options to customize.

Continuous performance management

In order to effectively retain, develop and manage your workforce a continuous performance management process is a must-have. It not only provides timely and relevant feedback where it matters, it gives management instant insights into hotspots to help employees manage their own progression within the business.

Integrated goals, feedback and performance reviews

Performance data shouldn't exist in a silo, and the ability to bring multiple touchpoints into your performance process is key to providing relevant, timely actions around performance improvement. Integrating employees' goal-setting and peer feedback into their monthly 1:1s as well as the annual review helps everybody to see the big picture and make strategic decisions about their development.

The benefits of performance management software to your organization

Increased employee engagement

Highly engaged employees leads to a happier, more productive business and is a key to retaining talent. Configurable continuous performance management software features enable you to create a simple and easy-to understand process that covers the complexity of people management, and speaks to employees within the flow of work.

Reduced bias

Performance management systems help to reduce the potential biases common in performance appraisals as they continuously capture data, and thus allow individuals to keep track of long-term themes instead of being blinded by only the most recent achievements or issues.

Integration capabilities

The number of systems companies use to manage their business and workforce is ever-growing. Therefore, it's essential that you can integrate your performance management system with other platforms to ensure functional processes that bolster growth.

Meaningful interactions

Conversations and collaboration are the secret to growing innovative and progressive organizations. Performance management allows you to manage teams across different departments and locations, track their progress, ensure alignment to organizational strategy and provide recognition to your staff - all in interactive and measurable manner.

Continuous, real-time feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is necessary to maintain an engaged workforce. The more relevant and timely the feedback, whether constructive or positive, the more impactful it is.

People Analytics

Performance management software provides you with useful insights into your people analytics, enabling management to create action plans that help your employees’ professional development and the overall performance of the business.

the benefits of performance management software

Why use PeopleGoal as your performance management software?

At PeopleGoal we're aware that there is no ‘one fits all’ when it comes to performance management tools. We've developed a seamless, easy-to-use and highly configurable platform to meet the individual needs of your organization and create effective paper-less processes.

Performance management software - PeopleGoal

SMART Goals and OKRs

Share the organizational objectives across organization and get every employee on board with the company mission. Align departmental, team and individual goals with the company-wide objectives to improve business performance and maximize productivity.

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360 Feedback and Social Recognition

Proactively provide, request and track full 360 degree feedback. Whether it's open and transparent, confidential or completely anonymous, you can gather valuable feedback from peers as well as management and even external parties, at those times when it's most relevant for you. Embedded content:

Employee performance Reviews

Evaluate and reflect on individual performance through regular check-ins, bi-monthly/quarterly or annual reviews, with powerful forms that you're able to customize for every area of the business you want to assess.

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Regular Check-ins and One to Ones

Set regular check-ins between employees, their managers and mentors. Monitor notes around discussion points, and create action plans to improve management across your organization.

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Performance Management Reporting

Leverage real-time data and access historic inputs to gain valuable insights and measure key performance indicators. Embedded content:

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New to employee performance management?

Employee performance management processes can be difficult to modernize or implement for the first time. Our guide to modernizing the performance management process in your organization gives you a clear plan to develop a new performance process or refresh outdated performance management practices.

modernising performance management

Employee performance management best practices

The importance of human capital management has never been more relevant than today. Over the past two decades we've seen huge growth in the role of performance management software. Some of the best practices include:

  1. Aligning company-wide objectives with departmental/team/individual goals to pull everybody together around common objectives.
  2. Providing frequent and ongoing coaching and mentoring.
  3. Facilitating multi-source feedback and offering actionable manager feedback.
  4. Minimizing biases and keeping conversations professional.
  5. Measuring and monitoring Key Performance Indicators.
  6. Recognizing and rewarding employee efforts.
  7. Establishing clear guidelines and policies.
  8. Offering opportunities for training and development.

Frequently asked questions

How does performance management help to improve employee productivity?

A proven method to improving productivity levels of your employees is to use SMART goals. Providing your employees with clear goals and ensuring they understand your expectations will not only help to improve productivity but also motivate your workforce. In addition, aligning individual goals to company-wide goals will help your business grow.

How performance management software improves company culture?

The potential of a performance management software to improve culture in an organization is endless. If the tool is well integrated into the company and combined with communication channels and training, it can significantly reinforce company culture.

Performance management software has positive effects on morale and productivity in a business and features like social recognition and instant feedback can harness employee loyalty, improve relationships and positively affect employees’ perceptions of the business.

Do employees actually use performance management software?

It comes as no surprise that if you opt in for a tool that is only beneficial for the HR department, your employees will struggle to adopt the new software. On the other hand, if you choose a solution that is equally valuable to the managers and employees in your organization your users will quickly get a grasp of it.

The key to success is evaluating what are the needs in your organization. Make sure to take time to get the data from your management suite and employees and do not assume anything. Furthermore, the requirements for the software should be in line with the overall strategy of your business.

What to consider when looking for a performance management software?

  • User Interface
  • Functionality
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Price

If you are interested in finding out more about choosing a performance review software check this page. In case you are a small or a medium-sized business looking for a performance management solution we have some useful tips for you here.

If we caught your attention and you want to find out more about the benefits of perfomance management software for your organizatation and how to implemented schedule a quick call with us.

At the end of the day;

We spend a third of our lives at work. Should we not make the time worthwhile?

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