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Account settings

Account owners will set up a few account details when they create their PeopleGoal account, and owners can edit these in the Account settings menu.

Click on the Account icon in your navbar, then select Settings.

Change Details

  • Click Expand to open the settings options.
  • Click Save changes to save your updates or Cancel changes to leave without saving.


Update your company name.


Every account has a unique subdomain on PeopleGoal. This helps to scope off your account to your users, and lets employees search for your company account to request to join.

Your subdomain needs to be unique (not owned by any other account) and you should try get it to match your organization name exactly, to make account search easy for new joiners.


Your account logo is displayed in the top left corner as well as on any webforms you use.

  • Click Select new image to upload a file from your local drive.
  • Logos are best uploaded in a square or circle crop, in a light color on a transparent background.

Close account

If you want to permanently delete your PeopleGoal account, do so here.

Note that this is not reversible and we will not be able to recover any account data for you.

PeopleGoal Support Team

PeopleGoal Support Team

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