New Joiner Survey

A survey for new hires to give feedback on their onboarding experience.

New Joiner Survey


New joiners are the best people to assess the quality of your onboarding process, having just been through it themselves.

Gathering feedback from new talent on the pros and cons of your onboarding process will help you to improve experiences for your future recruits. You can also track the performance of line managers as they integrate employees into their team and make sure staff are getting the right resources and coaching to be successful.

The New Joiner Survey should be sent to all new employees at 60-90 days and includes:

  • 6 open-ended questions around the highs and lows of their first few weeks
  • 3 yes/no questions about their manager participation and expectations
  • 7 Likert scale questions (from strongly agree to strongly disagree) about cultural fit and company belonging.

This survey should remain confidential between employees and HR. Ideally the employee will be identified so that HR can follow up on specifics, but you can also make the survey anonymous using the webforms function in the app settings.


  • Benchmark the success of your onboarding process
  • Identify key areas to make improvements
  • Iterate and develop your onboarding so that you've got the perfect welcome for all new talent
  • Provide additional support for new joiners to prevent the risk of them leaving

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