Join PeopleGoal.

We started PeopleGoal to give organizations the right tools to help engage, develop and retain their talent. We work with some of the fastest growing organizations across the globe and help their employees reach their full potential. Scroll down to find out more about our careers and see our open positions.

Why Join PeopleGoal?

We are a team with diverse backgrounds that is not afraid to experiment and learn by trying. We aim to give every employee the opportunities that will allow them to develop professionally and succeed at their role today, and in their future careers.

  • Generous holiday allowance
  • Flexible and remote working
  • Health, dental and other insurance
  • Voluntary matched pension contributions

Our values


We strive to be authentic and straightforward with our customers and employees. We like to call things as we see them and we are not afraid of sharing 'hard truths' to help everyone improve their people processes.


Our products are built based on best practices, with the end user in mind. Our designs are simple and intuitive with a lot of functionality under the hood.


We are responsible for providing a reliable service to our customers throughout our engagement. We take feedback on-board and listen to end user feedback.


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