Goals, feedback, reviews and one-to-ones. Manage & track employee performance with our suite of Performance Management applications - and customize to suit your exact needs.


Solution Overview

Goals, Feedback, Reviews, One-to-Ones

Managing your employees' performance should become an ongoing habit, rather than an annual must-have activity. Embrace a culture of continuous improvement to build employee morale and boost productivity. We can fine-tune your next performance round together!

Align your company-wide goalposts and cascade them down across all levels. Easily create, track and manage employee goals. Set up and complete performance reviews for different workgroups and time intervals. Link performance outcomes with recognition and rewards to increase employee morale and recognition. Promote ongoing communication between managers and employees with regards to employee goals, successes and areas for improvement and create a feedback culture. Some examples of processes you can implement with PeopleGoal include:

  • OKRs, SMART goals, Weekly tasks
  • Peer reviews, 360-degree reviews, Multiple-manager reviews
  • Check-ins, 1-to-1s, Feedback

Accelerate employee outcomes by defining performance strategies that match your existing/future needs and way of working. Your company’s success is directly related to the collective and individual performance of your employees. Stay agile with a fully customizable setup that gives you control of every step of your process. Focus on what matters the most, and empower your remote and in-office workforce to aim high and achieve excellence.

We’re here to help

PeopleGoal has a team of experienced implementation experts ready to help with your custom development plans. Our team is ready to help shape, design and deliver your key development processes and monitor their effectiveness in your business. Reach out to discuss your needs.

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Most tools I looked at could only compute feedback from one manager about one employee. PeopleGoal was the only tool that could extend this to multiple managers evaluating one employee. It enables us to set goals by projects independent of career or personal goals.

Bibiana MercuriGlobal Talent Director, Ataway

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