How it works

No-code configuration for HR workflows.

Create workspaces and install apps that suit your company culture. Design custom workflows and connect your HR tools. Capture your true organizational network and create custom reports and analytics.


Browse the app store or design your own custom apps.


Customize the design of your apps including images, colors and layouts. Add, remove or change the form components of any app in your account.


Innovative permission system allows cascading permissions for teams or individual users, allowing direct control over app access and visiblity.


On the template level users can control the visibility of individual app elements and sections. Achieve full control of your process.


Design custom workflows with no-code configuration.


Forms can move through states. Each state presents a different perspective to the current owner, enabling unparalleled visibility and control.


Each workflow can have multiple participants. A participant can be auto-determined to enable seamless workflows across teams.


Define custom rules triggered at form submission time. Send emails, change statuses, post to webhooks or reset your form state.


Multi-dimensional teams that represent the real organization.


Real organizations are not flat hierarchies. PeopleGoal captures multi-dimensional teams where the "n:n" concept applies.


PeopleGoal captures real company relationships. Build custom org charts and identify the real dynamics in your teams.


Built to scale. PeopleGoal grows with you and allows you to manage growing, changing and evolving teams at scale.


Custom reports and analytics that allow you to drill deeper than ever before.


Instant access to real-time data on all of our apps. Build custom reports with charts, graphs and interactive data sets.

On-demand reports

Once your report has been designed and tested, schedule it to be prepared on a recurring basis and share with your team or leaders.


Define custom calculations within an item in an app, or across the entire app. The calculation engine allows detailed metrics to be created.

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