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Theresa Ulyatt
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Employee focused performance management software

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Continuous performance management software enables organizations to manage their workforce remotely in an effective manner.

The traditional annual appraisal has been disrupted by continuous performance management; a systematic approach that has been proven to enhance employee engagement, productivity, and motivation. Employees want regular, real-time feedback on their performance, and this requires a significant cultural change at management level. To win today's war for talent, organizations need to be in the vanguard and shift focus from stagnant, one-off annual performance reviews to future-proofed and ongoing performance management practices. The best way to do this is with a continuous performance management software.

82% of HR leaders say that performance management is a largely unsatisfactory experience - Gartner

Why Choose PeopleGoal's Employee Performance Management Solution?

At PeopleGoal, we are aware that there is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to performance management. That is why we have developed a complete performance management solution that is easy to use and highly configurable to the individual and unique needs of your organizaton. Our cloud-based continuous performance management and engagement software allows you to do things your way.

🎯 SMART Goals and OKRs

Successful companies align employee goals and objectives to the growth strategy of the business. With PeopleGoal you can use sound goal-setting methodologies (SMART goals, OKRs and KPIs) that can be aligned with team, department, and company objectives.

🤝 Check-ins and 1-on-1s

With PeopleGoal you can create a configurable check in process to faciliate effective coaching for employees and help identify areas for development. Regular 1-on-1s help managers coonect with employees and monitor progress towards goals, make notes around discussion points and create action plans to encourage employee growth. Research shows that regular check-ins with line managers have a positive impact on employee engagement and wellbeing, and can also help improve performance.

✉️ Continuous and 360 Feedback

PeopleGoal offers real-time performance tracking percentage completion towards goals, defining what is “on track”, ”at risk” or “off track”. You can proactively provide, request and track peer feedback that fosters open communication and team collaboration. Our platform adapts to fit your company’s performance management model whether you run monthly or quarterly development cycles. We provide a single source of the truth for your employees’ performance ratings. Our platform allows you to store all of your employee performance ratings in one place and utilize them for employee development.

🚩 Configurable Reviews with multiple reporting lines

With PeopleGoal you can run monthly, quarterly or bi-annual review process that allows both employees and managers to reflect upon their progress, course correct, and map out together future performance milestones and development initiatives. PeopleGoal connects objectives, check ins and feedback data to provide a complete performance output for each employee so that the manager can evaluate employees in a tranparent way.

🙌 Social Recognition

Recognition helps employees feel valued and respected. With PeopleGoal you can capture employee recognitions across your organization and it's visible to all employees in the platform.

✨ Custom performance workflows

Each performance application can be edited based on your requirements. PeopleGoal can capture multiple reporting lines and employee relationships. You can also auto-launch performance review cycles based on your preferred cadence and have multiple performance review forms (new joiners, seniority, competencies).

📊 Configurable reporting

PeopleGoal gives you instant access to real-time data on all of our apps. You can build custom reports with charts, graphs and interactive data sets. Once your report has been designed and tested, schedule it to be prepared on a recurring basis and share with your team or leaders. You can also define custom calculations within each process (i.e. salary increases).

💡 We’re here to help

PeopleGoal has a team of experienced implementation experts ready to help with your custom development plans. Our team is ready to help shape, design and deliver your key development processes and monitor their effectiveness in your business. Reach out to discuss your needs.

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