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Solution Overview

Development opportunities for your team

Employees are the heart of your company, setting the pulse and delivering results. You need to pay special attention to their needs, grow their skills and advance their knowledge. This can only happen with development and career initiatives. Let’s climb the career ladder together!

Bridge your employee performance management process with training and development plans, and streamline career needs with learning. Conduct development 1-to-1 conversations to explore employees' career aspirations and define potential opportunities. Map out career plans and break down actions employees need to complete in order to move to the next career stage. Group similar roles together, promote internal equity and create harmony across all levels. Some examples of processes you can implement with PeopleGoal include:

  • Training and Learning plans
  • Development 1-to-1s
  • Career and succession plans

In a world of talent wars, promoting employee development and career initiatives will keep your talent in-house. Ensure your employees are satisfied with their current state and encourage them to grow in a way that aligns personal and company goals. Look for win/win states and take full ownership of your development initiatives. Retain and develop your most valuable asset: your people.

We’re here to help

PeopleGoal has a team of experienced implementation experts ready to help with your custom development plans. Our team is ready to help shape, design and deliver your key development processes and monitor their effectiveness in your business. Reach out to discuss your needs.

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We love how easily PeopleGoal enabled us to place Performance and Development in to the hands of our leaders and co-workers. Everyone says it’s easy to use, gives great overview and brings value from day-one.

Ahto KarolinDigital Lead, Luminor Bank

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