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How does Archiving work?

Archiving items should be used at the end of your performance cycle, to close off all "active" items. This will move them out of the default app view so that new items can be created, while still allowing you to view and report on archived data from within the same app.

For example, you've reached the end of your annual goal cycle and everyone will be setting new goals for the upcoming year. App owners will archive all the current goals from the past year, then employees will go in to the app and set new goals. Both the new ("active") and old ("archived") goals will be included in your Data table so you can report on year on year progress and view past goals.

How do I archive items?

  • Open the app, then select your All items view.
  • Hover over the left side of any item name until the checkbox appears.
  • You can either select individual items, or click "Select all visible".

peoplegoal faq archive select all items

  • Then select Assign status flag and choose "Archived" from the drop-down menu.

peoplegoal faq archive status

Confirm your selection and all of your selected items will be assigned an "Archived" status flag. You'll also see them move out of the active "All items" view.

How do I view archived items?

To view archived items in the live app:

  • Select the "Any current status" filter.

peoplegoal faq archive select

  • Then select Archived from your list of available status flags.

peoplegoal faq archive view filter

  • Click an item name to open it up and view the form.

You can also always view all archived items in the Data table:

  • Select your Data tab in the top app menu.

peoplegoal faq archive data

Once you've archived items you may want to update your Data report templates to add a filter that excludes the Archived status flag. Or keep these items included to build historical reports.

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