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March 1, 2016

PeopleGoal Wins 2016 HR Management Awards From FinancesOnline

PeopleGoal wins Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award for 2016 from FinancesOnline. Thank you to FinancesOnline and all of our customers.

We have the great pleasure to announce the news that PeopleGoal was chosen as the winner of 2016 Rising Star Award from FinancesOnline, a popular SaaS review platform. In a detailed review of PeopleGoal on their site, B2B experts who prepared the review explained that this award is won by new SaaS products that appeared on the market in the last few years, but are already receiving positive feedback from users and industry experts. It highlights the fact that despite its relatively young age PeopleGoal is an efficient and reliable service. The review team was especially impressed with how the software is extremely customizable which allows businesses to optimize their current performance management process, rather than be stuck in a formula set by the software provider.

PeopleGoal was also honoured with the FinancesOnline Great User Experience Award for 2016 in the top HR management software category. The award signifies that the software is able to offer a positive user experience to all our users and it provides a clean and intuitive interface to facilitate and optimize all work within the service. Reviewers were really positive about the fact that PeopleGoal makes it possible for all processes to be managed on a single platform, allowing senior management and HR to see as broad or as detailed a picture of the company's performance as they need.

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