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July 17, 2020

Feature Release: New v2 Dashboard

A quick overview of the new dashboard for PeopleGoal v2 including the new quick create menu, omni-search bar, company news, timelines and network activity feeds.

I'm pleased to announce that we've released our redesigned user dashboard to our PeopleGoal v2 beta customers today. This is a major upgrade on the old dashboard with numerous new features and displays.

Our Objectives

We've been listening to your feedback regarding the current dashboard and agreed on a number of objectives for the redesign:

  • Bring together the different areas of functionality (teams, workspaces, apps, users) into a cohesive one-stop picture for a user
  • Provide better resources for users that are searching for information
  • Provide quick access to key apps and actions

Dashboard Key Features

Our newly designed Dashboard is a real homepage now, where you can take the actions you need as you log in.

Quick create

The quick create menu is intended to allow users to quickly perform common actions. We've added the ability for app owners to tag their apps as included in the quick create menu. This allows your app to appear in the quick create menu for all users who have permission to access it:

Quick Create

Apps that have webforms enabled will include a link to the webform that can be copied to your clipboard. The full list of apps and workspaces is still available in the sidebar.

Omni-search bar

Often users are logging in to find information relevant to them. We've replaced the old user search functionality that sat in the sidebar with a new omni-search bar in the dashboard header. This search functionality allows you to search for pretty much anything on your PeopleGoal account: items, apps, teams and users.

Search bar

Profile snippets

What's important to users in your company is often not the same as another company. With profile snippets we've given you the ability to display certain fields from your profile templates on the user dashboard. For example, if you would like to display the user's role or date of last promotion, you can tag these fields from the user profile template and they will appear as below in the user dashboard.

Profile snippets

Teams & Relationships

Your teams are listed below your profile snippets. This list is just the teams to which you belong - all teams are still available from the sidebar. Similarly, your default relationship (typically Manager) is shown below that, highlighting your counterpart users (e.g. manager / direct reports). This provides quick links to browse your colleagues' profiles.


Company news

Sharing company news on your dashboard is a great way to inform users of important news or events. We've enhanced the Posts functionality to allow account owners to tag a given post as 'display on dashboard'. This will allow the post to be seen on all users' dashboards as Company News. Posts still retain the ability to comment and render comments inline when expanding the post detail.

Company News (2)

Your timeline

This feature allows you to showcase your journey at your company. It's a retrospective look at key events in your career. The timeline can be populated automatically:

  • App owners can trigger rules to create timeline events in the app state rules builder.
  • Account owners can update profile template date fields to enable these to auto-generate timeline events.

Users can update and maintain their own timelines too. For example, if you'd like to add more information to specific events you can double-click on the timeline event to provide that information.


Your network

This is an activity feed containing activities linked to users in your network. This is presently driven by your relationships - manager/direct reports.

We'd like your feedback here - it may make sense to include users from certain teams in this view.


Give us feedback

The new dashboard should provide a more welcoming and informative experience for users when they log into PeopleGoal v2. We'd love to hear your feedback on the new dashboard. As always, let us know what works and what could be improved.

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