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July 19, 2021

July Product Updates

We're pleased announce several exciting new changes to the PeopleGoal platform. This is the first major update since the release of PeopleGoal 2.0.

We're pleased to announce several exciting new changes to the PeopleGoal platform. This is the first major update since the release of PeopleGoal 2.0 and takes into account the valuable feedback we've heard from you over the last few months.

User Interface & User experience

We've made numerous updates to the User Interface. The most prominent changes include the following items:

  • Search: The Search functionality on the old dashboard was powerful, but overlooked. We've moved the Search bar to a global position on a new main Navigation bar. This makes Search available throughout the application.
  • Main Navigation: We've moved the Notifications, Product News, and User menu from the bottom left of the UI to the top right. This is more consistent with other web applications and provides more visibility of notifications.
  • Sidebar: We've expanded the Sidebar menu items to include names as well as icons. The previous layout caused confusion where users could not remember their Workspace/App Icon representation.
  • Dashboard: We've simplified the dashboard. The new layout contains a tab system for key areas: Action List (previously Inbox), You, Your Colleagues (more on this below), Company News, Timeline and Activity.
  • Mass-select in item view: We've added the ability to mass-select items and perform actions upon them: Move the state, change the status, Delete (delete all) and even Archive items.
  • New theme: We've removed the dark theme of the sidebar to lighten the look and feel of the application.
  • Help: Throughout the application we've added built-in 'How does this work?' buttons that provide an initial explanation for that area's functionality. Further links are provided to our Support Center.

july 1

There are also a number of smaller changes such as scrolling overflow fix on new item dialogs, an items tab on user profiles, performance improvements and other visual tweaks.

You, Your Colleagues, All Items

Each App on PeopleGoal can now have one 'participant' as an 'item owner'. This allows us to give a simple representation to users: You (the items you own), Your Colleagues (the items your colleagues / direct reports own) and All Items (all items that you have permission to view). This concept is now present in all apps within the account, as well as on the Dashboard. For users and managers this should give a far clearer picture of what you own vs. what your colleagues own.

july 2

This update relates to the single biggest piece of feedback we've had since the launch of PeopleGoal 2.0: the view of your items was confusing, as it showed all the items you're involved with, rather than the items that you own. There were technical reasons behind the original logic, but we agree it was confusing to the user.

Organization View

Previously the view called 'Relationships' was available for Account Owners only in the Account Settings menu. We received a great deal of feedback around this being useful for employees too. We've taken the opportunity to rename this view 'Organization' as it better represents lines of reporting in your organization. In addition, we've moved this view into the main sidebar and made it accessible to all users.

july 3

Non-account owners now have a view-only picture of their reporting lines. Users can display and expand their reporting lines to build a full picture of the organization. Account owners can use the same interface to add new relationships, edit existing relationships and build new user relationships to reflect the organizational structure.

What action do I need to take?

For Account Owners there's lots of new functionality to explore but no immediate action or changes you need to make. The structure of your apps, workspaces, posts and schedules remains the same, only now it's easier to navigate. For all users, the changes are live so just sign in to your account to check out these improvements.


We have a quickstart guide for all users to help navigate the platform. This guide reflects the changes and updates we've made, so even if you've used it before it's useful to take another look - you may find helpful tips you didn't know about:

And for Account Owners our Support Center has comprehensive documentation for every area of your PeopleGoal account:

Thank you for your continued support and extremely valuable feedback. You're helping to shape the product as we continue along this journey to providing HR, Your Way.

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