PeopleHeRoes: New Slack Community for HR Professionals

PeopleHeRoes is PeopleGoal's new Slack community for HR and People Ops professionals. Connect with like-minded professionals, share advice and resources.

PeopleHeRoes: Join Our Slack Community!

We're excited to announce our new Slack Community for HR and People Operations professionals: PeopleHeRoes. It is a safe space where you can connect with other HR and People Ops experts, discuss challenges & best practices, ask questions and join relevant conversations that will help advance your business and career. In this article, we explain the initiative's core philosophy, explore some of the Slack channels and tell you how to join our community. We also answer some frequently asked questions and explain our community guidelines.

Introducing PeopleHeRoes by PeopleGoal

At PeopleGoal we talk to HR professionals every day and discuss their unique experiences and challenges that make them “PeopleHeRoes” in our eyes. However, our conversations happen behind closed doors and we thought it would be a great idea to bring all the fascinating experiences and knowledge-sharing to one of you have in one place.

The PeopleHeRoes community was built to help HR and People Professionals across the world who deal with known and unknown grounds to share their experiences, practices and tactics around key HR topics and help each other adapt better to the new world of work that is fuelled by myriad challenges. Especially since the shift to remote working, People teams need to come together to help and support each other to create the most productive environments for their newly dispersed teams. We highly encourage creativity, participation and involvement that drives HR evolvement for all of our members!

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What you’ll find in PeopleHeRoes

  • Like-minded professionals: a carefully curated community of HR and People Ops professionals
  • Resources: all the information you need to support your teams
  • Best practices & tactics: learn from your peers' experiences

peopleheroes HR slack community what you find here

Our Community Channels

We have a range of channels that you can join. You will be added into some automatically when you first join. If you have an idea for a new channel, reach out to one of the account admins.

Peopleheroes HR slack community channels

  • HR-watercooler: A channel for introductions and everyday PeopleHeRoes' experiences
  • Deepdives: A weekly deep dive on a specific HR topic
  • Development: A channel for sharing how your organization promotes continuous learning and career growth
  • Engagement: What triggers employee engagement? Share your experiences and best tactics
  • Help: PeopleHeRoes' 911 line here! Ask for help around various HR topics and get ahead of any issues
  • HR-tech: Discuss how HR technology drives success in your company
  • Onboarding: Share your onboarding tactics and challenges for virtual and in office employees
  • Performance: Discussion of latest trends, best practices and challenges in performance management
  • Talent-acquisition: Attracting top talent is a tough job - your invaluable practices belong here

Before you start...

1. Fill out your Slack profile: include where you work and what you do

2. Add a profile picture: we are building a real community, a picture is a must

3. Introduce yourself on HR-watercooler: so we can say hello

4. Set up your Slack notifications: so you never miss a conversation


What is PeopleHeRoes?

PeopleHeRoes is a private Slack community for People Ops professionals powered by the team at PeopleGoal. It is a safe space where HR professionals can discuss HR challenges, ask questions, share ideas and best practices with others. The aim is to build a lively community of like-minded professionals who are willing to share their People strategy experience, knowledge and tactics with others. All members of the PeopleHeRoes community are expected to adhere to the Community Guidelines.

Why is it called PeopleHeRoes?

People teams have an enormous responsibility when it comes to building, aligning, and enabling high-performing teams. This makes them HR Heroes in our eyes! This idea led to the creation of PeopleHeRoes, a community of HR professionals who can support each other to share their knowledge and experience to help build stronger teams.

How do I join PeopleHeRoes?

We would love to have you join our community! Simply fill in this short form, and leave your name & email. Your application will be reviewed by one of our admins and you will receive an invitation via email.

How long will it take for my request to get approved?

The community admins will review new joiner requests once per week.

How to add PeopleHeRoes to your Slack Workspace?

Click on the “+” button in the left hand side of your Slack desktop workspace. Then, enter "peopleheroes" as the workspace name. Enter the email address you used when you submitted your PeopleHeRoes application and your password. PeopleHeRoes will now be added to your Slack workspace!

Who moderates the group?

The PeopleHeRoes community is currently moderated by the PeopleGoal team, however please contact us if you would like to be a moderator. This community is not for technical support requests relating to the PeopleGoal platform. Please contact if you are a PeopleGoal customer looking for help.

Community Guidelines

  • Respect Others: Always be kind, supportive and helpful to your fellow community members. Treat others with respect, and help keep the community as accessible and inclusive as possible.

  • No Sales Outreach: PeopleHeRoes is a space where like minded professionals can share their experience and advice. Do not contact community members to advertise a product without their express permission. Do not pitch your product on the shared channels.

  • Participate: You get out what you put in. Be sure to ask and respond to questions from your fellow community members, engage in discussion and keep conversations in the right channel.

  • Community First: What happens in the community stays in the community - it is a safe space. Don't post community discussions to the outside world.

👉 Read the full community guidelines 👈

peopleheroes HR slack community guidelines

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