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UltiPro integration with PeopleGoal

PeopleGoal can integrate with your UltiPro account and load user data to PeopleGoal directly from your UltiPro account.

UltiPro is a product of Ultimate Software which is a cloud provider of human capital management (HCM) applications. The UltiPro platform covers the following HR applications:

  • HR
  • Compensation
  • Talent
  • Payroll
  • Time and labor management

PeopleGoal's integration with UltiPro allows you to:

  • Import all employee data from your UltiPro account into PeopleGoal
  • Add new employees to PeopleGoal directly from UltiPro
  • Automatically remove or deactivate employees in PeopleGoal from UltiPro
  • Synchronize any updates to employee profile information from UltiPro to PeopleGoal
  • Send any information from your PeopleGoal account to your UltiPro account

What are the benefits of the integration?

If you are using UltiPro, we definitely recommend utilizing our integration as you will get the following benefits:

  • One single data source for employee information
  • Automatically add new employees to PeopleGoal through your UltiPro account
  • Automatically disable and/or archive leavers in PeopleGoal
  • Automatically update employee profiles in PeopleGoal
  • Send information from PeopleGoal to your UltiPro account (salary increases, employee review information)

How the integration works

PeopleGoal utilizes UltiPro's API to retrieve information. The UltiPro's API documentation includes:

  • Interactive API explorer
  • Resources for each product available
  • Property names and descriptions
  • Postman sample requests and detailed tutorials

Ultipro access account sample peoplegoal

To connect your UltiPro Account to PeopleGoal we need the following information:

  • User name
  • Password
  • Client access key
  • User access key
  • Base service URL

Your IT team should be able to generate this information from your UltiPro account.

Employee Profile set up in PeopleGoal

PeopleGoal supports custom employee profiles and you will be able to create a truly custom profile template in your account. An example of a custom profile is shown below:

PeopleGoal ADP Workforce Now Custom Profiles

Every employee profile field that is available in UltiPro can be imported into PeopleGoal as long as you add it to the PeopleGoal profile template. A sample of worker profile fields you can import into to PeopleGoal from UltiPro is shown below:

  • Employee First Name
  • Employee Last Name
  • Employee Preferred Name
  • Employee Email Address
  • Employee Country Code
  • Employee Language Code
  • Employee Number
  • Employee Identifier
  • Employee Person Identifier
  • User Integration Key
  • Employee Company Name
  • Employee Company Identifier
  • Employee Supervisor Identifier
  • Employee Hourly Salary
  • Full/Part Time Identifier
  • Employee Active Flag
  • Employee Work Location
  • Employee Job Code
  • Employee Project Code
  • Employee Organizational Level 1
  • Employee Organizational Level 2
  • Employee Organizational Level 3
  • Employee Organizational Level 4
  • Employee Middle Name
  • Employee Work Phone
  • Employee Home Phone
  • Employee Address 1
  • Employee Address 2
  • Employee City
  • Employee State
  • Employee Zip Code
  • Employee Termination Date
  • Employee Hire Date
  • Employee Supervisor Name
  • Employee Name Prefix
  • Employee Name Suffix
  • Employee Alternative Email Address
  • Employee Gender
  • Employee Employment Status
  • Employee Type
  • Employment Status Start Date
  • Date Employee Started Current Job
  • Date Employee Last Hired
  • Employee Job Group Code
  • Alternate Job Title for Employee
  • Employee Type
  • Employment Status Start Date
  • Date Employee Started Current Job
  • Date Employee Last Hired
  • Employee Job Group Code
  • Alternate Job Title for Employee

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the UltiPro integration with PeopleGoal?

Depending on the level of engagement from your side the full integration can be completed within a week. The first step to kick off the process is to define which employee profiles you want to have in PeopleGoal and set those up in your Account. Once that is done we connect your UltiPro account to your PeopleGoal account utilizing UltiPro's API.

How frequently do you synchronize the data between UltiPro and PeopleGoal?

We typically do it daily at 12:00 AM daily but we can set the synchronization to any frequency.

Can I customize the employee profile template after I connect to UltiPro?

Absolutely, we can change the PeopleGoal employee profile template as required after the connection is established.

Can I import/remove employees through the integration?

Yes, all the users will be imported through the integration and the user provisioning will be conducted through the integration after the initial sync.

What happens if the sync breaks and worker details are not being imported in PeopleGoal?

We have monitoring tools in place and we will be notified if the sync breaks. In that case, we will take timely action to fix the issue.

Do you change extra for the integration with UltiPro?

That depends on the plan you are on. Generally speaking, we charge USD 3,000 for customers that are not on the Enterprise plan.

Does UltiPro charge in order to provide access to the API?

No, there are no additional feels from the UltiPro side. Your UltiPro account admin should be able to generate the necessary credentials in order to connect your account to PeopleGoal

PeopleGoal Support Team

PeopleGoal Support Team

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