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PeopleGoal is a performance management system that connects performance data in a unique way which is key to engagement.

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Sophie is a marketing assistant for a fast growing technology company. She joined the company a year ago and she is about to write her performance review for a performance discussion with her manager. She does not know where to start as she has not been tracking what she's been doing for the past year. She did set goals at the beginning of the year but she never felt accountable for the goals she has inherited. On top of that she never understood how she contributes to the success of the company, as she knew little about the company strategy.

In order to acquire feedback on her performance she decided to email her colleagues as her company did not have a formal process in place. Only two people responded to her emails and she decided to base her performance review on that feedback. She also had to spend ancouple of days going through her files and emails to remember what she was working on for the entire year, and build up a full picutre of a years work.Once she finished her review she emailed it to her manager, along with a meeting request to discuss her performance.

Maria, Sophie's manager, reviewed her document just before their meeting. She was not clear on what Sophie had achieved throughout the year and with whom she was working outside of her core team. The feedback she included in her review was unstructured and not very specific. During the meeting Maria asked Sophie for more details on the feedback and her goals and tried to understand more about her achievements. Maria also shared development points with Sophie based on input from other managers.At the end of the meeting Sophie returned back to her desk and she felt very disappointed. Although she had worked really hard during the year she felt that her manager did not understand her achievements and she could not understand why she was getting feedback on her development points now, and not during the year when she could have had more time to work on it rather than waiting until the last moment.

She thought that she would be assigned more challenging tasks from her manager as she had being doing everything (with minimal effort) but her manager told her to continue working on her day-to-day tasks. After 2 months, Sophie received a request to complete a form that measures motivation and engagement at her workplace. She completed the form and at the end of the week the company results where released. It was really disappointing; 70% of the employees felt disengaged and 37% of the employees where thinking of changing jobs completely. Sophie (although disengaged) really liked the people she was working with and she decided to look for a solution. She felt that the root of problem was in the way employees where setting goals and receiving feedback.

How can PeopleGoal help your business?

Employee Performance Management

PeopleGoal connects goals, feedback and reviews in a unique way. At the beginning of the performance cycle employees set goals and explain how they plan to complete those goals. Employees set dates by when they have to complete their goals and link these goals to company objectives. Employees feel engaged and understand how they contribute to the company's growth, which is key to engagement. On the feedback front, with PeopleGoal employees can start feedback threads with their managers and provide anonymous feedback.

The platform also supports social recognition and employees can recognize their colleagues. Every employee has access to performance dashboards, which summarize performance and feedback highlights. As a manager you can have access to your entire line of sight; not just your team but team colleagues who collaborate with them. Once the employee performance management process is complete, employees have all the evidence they need in order to complete their self-evaluation.

Managers have access to the employees goals and feedback and can easily complete their manager assessments. PeopleGoal democratizes the employee performance process and helps employees develop through balanced feedback that really focuses on their development needs. Sophie's organization implemented PeopleGoal and in the first 3 months they have improved motivation and engagement significantly. Employees understand how they contribute to the company success through their goals and feedback is social and frequent.

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