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December 1, 2022

5 Amazing Templates for Every Performance Review

Make your next performance review stress-free! We've got 5 templates for performance reviews at every stage of your performance cycle.

When done correctly the performance appraisal is an amazing tool for employees and managers to reflect on goal outcomes, track professional development, measure job performance and get down to planning for the next performance cycle. Reviews have come a long way over the years, and you can learn more about their history and how today's leading companies approach the appraisal in our Essential Guide to Performance Reviews. There are many types of reviews to suit every stage of your performance management process, but every review needs to have one thing in common: an open and honest discussion between an employee and their reviewer. Here are five templates for performance reviews covering different areas of assessment.

5 templates for performance reviews

Objectives & Outcomes Template for Performance Review

This performance review form includes an employee self-assessment and a reviewer's assessment side by side. The annual review template focuses on the achievement of goals and objectives over the last year, as well as an employee's demonstration of your company values. While most of the questions need a written response, an overall performance rating gives an indication of the employee's performance as a whole.

Download the Objectives & Outcomes template for performance reviews in Google Sheets and Excel here.

peoplegoal objectives outcomes performance review template

Looking for inspiration on what goals will be important in the next year? Check out our research on the top 10 employee goal examples for 2020.

Competency Template for Performance Review

This one-way employee evaluation form assesses employees on their demonstration of core competencies according to their seniority in the organization. This is a great annual performance review template for hierarchical organizations (like consulting firms) where the job roles and criteria for advancement are very clearly defined. You can customize the weightings per competency to adjust for what really matters in each area, for every job role.

Download the Competency template for performance reviews in Google Sheets and Excel here.

peoplegoal competency performance review template

Professional Development Template for Performance Review

A great employee performance review hones in on an employee's professional development within your organization. Encouraging employees to be autonomous and to practice self development is a huge factor in boosting employee engagement and ensuring long-term retention. This appraisal template evaluates the core skills that are needed at your organization, and identifies the training and support needed to help employees develop in these key areas.

Download the Professional Development template for performance reviews in Google Sheets and Excel here.

peoplegoal professional development performance review template

When completing your performance review it helps to have the right vocabulary to properly assess your progress. We've got 70 performance review phrases for you to copy and customize for every function.

Mid-Year Template for Performance Review

Reviews shouldn't just be a once a year process! In addition to regular 1-1 meetings and check-ins, a mid-year review is a chance to reflect on progress and course correct on any objectives heading off track. A really quick and easy section called Start, Stop, Continue asks employees and managers to list what the employee should start doing, stop doing and continue doing. You can easily tie this to your 360-degree feedback process to gather input from colleagues and clients and get a holistic view of an employee's ongoing performance.

Download the Mid-Year template for performance reviews in Google Sheets and Excel here

peoplegoal midyear performance review template

End of Probation Template for Performance Review

One important time to have a review is often missed off when planning the performance cycle - an end of probation appraisal. It's a core part of the onboarding cycle and a chance for a new employee (generally those who joined you around three months ago) to document their time spent settling in and plan for their next phase as a permanent team member. It'll also provide you in HR with some valuable feedback on the gaps in your onboarding process and where you can make this clearer for new starters in future.

Download the End of Probation template for performance reviews in Google Sheets and Excel here.

peoplegoal probation performance review template

Of course, a great template is only effective if you've spent time setting up an outstanding performance appraisal process. Once your reviews are underway, we've got helpful tried and tested tips for leaders and managers to get the most out of your performance reviews, however often they're taking place.

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