Goals & Objectives

Don't just have dreams - set goals! Good goal setting is all about keeping your goals front of mind. The more you refer back to your goals and measure your progress against those goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. Goal setting is a core part of the PeopleGoal platform. You can link employee goals to team, department and company objectives. By doing so employees understand how they contribute to the overall business agenda. There are three types of goals:

  • Company objectives
  • Individual goals
  • Team/Department goals

The table below shows the structure you can use within PeopleGoal to set goals:

cascading goals

Company objectives

Company objectives are top-level strategic goals for your company for your businees cycle. An enterpise typically sets three or more of these. These are the high-level objectives that your company wants the whole firm to work towards. For example, a company objective may be 'Boost sales revenue by 20% in FY2019' or 'Improve customer average feedback score to 4.5'.

Company objectives should be set by senior management once per performance period (these will automatically be replicated when you open a new period on PeopleGoal).

Find out how to set and align your company objectives with PeopleGoal.

Individual goals

Individual goals belong to you. Managing your own career is the key to success in the modern work environment, so wherever possible you should define your own individual goals. These can be based on your current job tasks, a probject you are currently working on the areas you want to improve. Each company gives different direction to employees on how to set up goals. A popular goal setting method is setting S.M.A.R.T. goals:

  • Specific - Here you have to explain what is specific about your goal.
  • Measurable - How your goal will be measured?
  • Achievable - How are you planning to achived your goal?
  • Relevant - How your goal is relevant to your job description?
  • Time-bound - By when you expect to complete your goal?

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Team/Department goals

Good teamwork is about pulling together in the same direction. PeopleGoal helps promote good teamwork by allowing managers and executives to set Team and/or Department goals. When these are created each team/department member will be responsible for contributing to that goal, and the goal will appear under their 'goals overview' page. Each team member can update their progress against the Team/Department goal.

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