Employee Engagement Software for High Performing Teams

Motivate, engage and retain you best talent.

Motivate, engage and retain you best talent.

PeopleGoal offers end-to-end solutions for companies looking to actively engage their people. We help companies create and evolve their engagement management practices towards building a high-performing and engaged workforce.

  • Preset or customized engagement solutions that resonate well with your company needs at any given point in time.
  • Powerful analytics and dashboards for building wisdom and guiding the actions of People teams and leadership.

Why Employee Engagement is important?

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the company and its goals. You know your employee engagement efforts are actually paying off when employee motivators and actions are in perfect harmony with your vision.

In today’s challenging and competitive working environment, keeping high engagement levels is more important than ever before, especially for high-growth teams where everything changes in the blink of an eye.

Engaging employees may sound simple but in reality, it’s a complex process, consisting of many moving parts that all need to come together - such as engagement surveys. However, the benefits of developing a more engaged workforce are endless. Many companies have already drifted away from once-off engagement projects towards triggering ongoing opportunities to engage employees at every single point of contact.

According to a recent research by Gallup, companies with higher engagement, experience higher levels of employee productivity and customer satisfaction along with lower levels of employee turnover and absenteeism.

Benefits of Employee Engagement

At the same time, however, only 34% of employees are engaged on a global level. That still means that 66% of employees out there are not engaged in their work. If you feel your employees fall in the latter category, let’s see how we can help you increase your engagement rates.

Global Levels of Engagement

How does PeopleGoal Employee Engagement work?

PeopleGoal embraces a holistic approach to employee engagement. We help you create a culture of continuous feedback, promoting meaningful interactions for all critical employee lifecycle steps. Whether you use a full annual engagement survey, regular pulse surveys or just regularly ask employees how they're feeling, we can help you to measure and track levels of engagement for your workforce, either remote or in office.

Real-time Engagement

Grow employees with real Feedback: promote ongoing learning and give employees the opportunity to get immediate feedback and adopt quickly. Celebrate wins the right moment as it is very likely to be forgotten many months later. Share a quick thank you to teammates and colleagues who've gone above and beyond and praise and recognize their work.

Real-time Engagement

Personalized experience

Engage each time you connect: use customizable survey themes to imprint your employer brand and culture-specific nuances. Build survey elements, such as question sets, scales, colors and many more to give your tone. Set automated survey cycles, select cadences for different survey types and participants.

Employee Engagement Survey

Poweful reporting

Build Wisdom and Take Action: use internal benchmarks to measure employee engagement over-time and define return-on-invest on employee engagement activities. Detect opportunities for impact by defining drivers of engagement and fuel decision-making. Turn insights into to actions with customized dashboards for employees, managers and leaders.


Why embrace a holistic and continuous Employee Engagement approach?

Employee engagement is not a once-off project. Engagement levels can vary substantially throughout the year and change without notice. Therefore, People teams, managers and leadership need to be alert and around the clock at all times. A great way to instill continuous employee engamement practices is by promoting informal and spontaneous touchpoints such as Check-ins, 1-to-1s and real-time Kudos.

At the same time, employee engagement is multifaceted and can be affected by job-specific and cultural elements such as sense of belonginess, visibility, management style, perception of equal treatment and many more. A way promote a holistic approach that addresses all elements influencing employee engagement is by using a variety of survey types ranging from D&I to team effectiveness.

Whether you are looking to set up a new process or improve an existing one, we can help you instill a holistic, continuous and personalized approach every time you connect with your employees.

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