Employee Engagement Software for High Performing Teams

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Employee Engagement Software for High Performing Teams

Employee engagement software to retain and motivate your best talent, evaluate the situation in your company and boost performance.

PeopleGoal is an employee engagement platform that provides an effective solution for companies to engage their talent. Tools including employee engagement surveys, pulse surveys, employee reviews, continuous 360 feedback, employee recognition and much more, will help you to gain valuable insights into how to improve the company culture and employee experience across the organization.

Retaining the best talent remains one of the greatest challenges of employers in today’s dynamic workplace. High employee churn rates are closely connected to low levels of employee engagement across an organization.

Why use employee engagement software?

Measuring company engagement is not an easy task. You need to plan the right questions to ask (and when to ask them!) to make your employees feel comfortable with openly sharing their opinions and perceptions of the business. Employee engagement software will assist you in developing those questions and introducing processes to gain valuable real time insights into the employees' perceptions. It will also enable you to effectively measure their levels of engagement and evaluate steps to improve it and develop an inclusive digital workplace.

How to improve employee engagement

The first step to improving the state and health of your company culture is to understand how your workforce perceives the organization. How do your employees feel working for you and your business? With the right tool and the right survey tools and questions you can effectively measure employee’s satisfaction. You can also identify areas of improvement and develop action plans to engage your employees further.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to employee engagement. The engagement efforts in your business need to be aligned to the company culture and mission of your organization. This will bring authenticity and inclusiveness to your employees in order to bolster engagement. An effective metric to apply might be measuring net promoter score among your employees.

Common practices that enhance positive employee engagement

  • A strong strategic narrative providing a clear understanding of the company’s story and mission.
  • Motivating managers who make the workforce feel part of the team, provide clear objectives, offer ongoing employee feedback and opportunities for development.
  • Giving employees a voice, empowering employee communications and listening to their ideas and opinions.
  • Integrity outlining the values of the organization and a leadership that lives by them.

Drivers of employee engagement

To drive engagement in your organization focus on these core areas:

  • Positive motivation
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Personal and professional development
  • Internal Communications
  • Relationships with management
  • Employee recognition

Best employee engagement online resources

1. Essential Guide to Employee Engagement – PeopleGoal
2. Employee Engagement and Commitment - SHRM
3. The Definitive Guide to Employee Engagement - SnackNation

What are the benefits of employee engagement software for your organization?

High levels of engagement bring multiple benefits to your organization including:

  • Higher productivity
  • Higher rates of employee retention
  • Healthier workforce
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Higher rates of customer satisfaction
  • Greater profitability of your business

benefits of employee engagement software
benefits of employee engagement software

Using PeopleGoal as your employee engagement software

PeopleGoal is an easy to use, flexible performance management software that will enable you to make your processes more effective and engaging for users. PeopleGoal enables you to conduct employee engagement surveys, gain valuable insights, measure and analyze key performance indicators and provide managers with data for action planning.

PeopleGoal Employee Engagement Software
PeopleGoal Employee Engagement Software

Account configuration and training

Our account managers will work closely with your HR team to configure your PeopleGoal account to your specific requirements. We will review your requirements and make recommendations to improve your existing process.

PeopleGoal integrates with BambooHR, Workday, MS Azure and ADP. We can utilize our integrations to import your employee data, or help you with uploading your employee data directly into your account. We also provide training to your HR function and employees if needed. Our aim is to ensure that every user has a comprehensive understanding of our platform and its capability.

Setting company objectives

Company OKRs are the top-level strategic objectives for the whole business. You can describe them in a very basic OKRs format, or using the SMART attributes. Each company objective can be broken down into sub-objectives and measurable key results can be added for each company objective. The objectives need to be publically shared across the business. Then your employees can connect to the mission of your company, align their personal goals and feel included and valued, and thus more engaged.


Onboarding is an essential part of employee engagement. Poor onboarding processes can lead to negative productivity from day one. Consequently, causing high employee churn rates for employees who do not feel valued or fail to understand their new role due to poor onboarding. Therefore, setting up a clear onboarding process as well as regular employee/manager check-ins and one-to-one meetings is essential.

Engagement surveys

Measuring base levels of employee engagement is the first step to improving it. Whether you use a full annual engagement survey, regular pulse surveys or just regularly ask employees how they're feeling; reaching out for organizational feedback will help you to measure and track themes in engagement on a company wide level.

Employee recognition

A fantastic complement to improving employee engagement is our suite of recognition badges. Give a quick thank you to teammates and colleagues who've gone above and beyond, and recognize them publicly on the Timeline. It's a great morale booster and an easy way to encourage a culture of appreciation in your team members, driving the emotional connection of your workforce to your business.


With hundreds of thousands of data points across multiple HR areas, you'll need a suite of reports to measure, highlight and visualize all of your people analytics.

New to employee engagement?

Getting employee engagement right can be especially difficult if you are new to it. Our guide below covers the topic of engagement in depth, diving into how to define types of employee engagement, global engagement trends, how to get started in your organization, what to expect in the future and much more.

The essential guide to employee engagement header
The essential guide to employee engagement header

What are common mistakes in employee engagement?

  • Being afraid of technology
  • Having a one-off employee event rather than a cohesive program
  • Ignoring the generational gap
  • Poor management
  • Making employee engagement the responsibility of middle management rather than leadership
  • Not appealing to emotionally driven engagement
  • Assuming positive results in an engagement survey are satisfactory enough and not acting upon them

What are the best practices for employee engagement surveys?

To gain objective and valuable insights from your employees, you need to plan what questions to ask and from who, when, and how. When developing your employee engagement survey, bear in mind these essential tips:

  • Short surveys work better
  • Avoid technical jargon
  • Start and end with easy questions
  • Aim each question to one specific topic only
  • Avoid high number of open-ended questions
  • Design the survey well
  • Provide rewards and recognition for employee input

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At the end of the day;

We spend a third of our lives at work. Should we not make the time worthwhile?

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