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Employee manager software should be all about promoting open conversations about performance management. PeopleGoal incorporates objectives tracking, performance check-ins, 360 degree feedback, recognition and more to boost employee engagement.

Employee manager software should be all about promoting open conversations about performance management. PeopleGoal incorporates objectives tracking, performance check-ins, 360 degree feedback, recognition and more to boost employee engagement.

PeopleGoal is a cloud-based performance employee manager software system that allows you to meet the needs of an ever-changing HR market. We help you to transform your paper-based processes into simple and easy-to-use online continuous performance management processes. Tools including employee engagement surveys, pulse surveys, performance reviews, 360 degree feedback, employee recognition and much more, will help you to promote regular employee manager discussions to develop effective working relationships and gain valuable insights into how to improve the company culture and employee experience across the organization.

Why use employee manager software to increase engagement?

Employee engagement has a far-reaching effect on every aspect of a business. Improving employee engagement results in reduced employee turnover, greater efficiency and productivity (which leads to greater profitability overall), and a happier workforce - both at work and at home. A huge factor in increasing employee engagement involves improvements in the employee's working relationship with their line manager.

With managers overseeing larger teams than ever, communication and visibility of direct reports' day to day work requires an efficient system to track performance, document conversations and report on initiatives. Using employee manager software gives teams a framework on which to build those conversations, whether that's through tracking objectives, documenting 1:1 discussions or effectively gathering peer and manager feedback. A system that brings all performance discussions together in one place gives instant access for managers to highlight performance issues and offer support when it matters, and for employees to manage their own self-development.

How to improve employee manager relationships

Improving internal communication is a first step that involves small changes with big rewards. In addition to direct employee-manager communication, there are a few things you can implement at a company level, including:

Drivers of employee engagement

To drive engagement in your organization focus on these core areas:

  • Positive motivation
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Personal and professional development
  • Communication
  • Relationships with management

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What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Increased transparency in the employee manager relationship
  • Accountability for development, actions and tasks
  • Visibility of organizational strategy and role clarity for employees
  • Increased employee engagement, including lower absenteesim and a healthier workforce
  • Higher productivity, efficiency and profitability
  • Strategic insights and employee information for top management

Using PeopleGoal as your employee manager software

At PeopleGoal we're aware that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to performance management tools. We've developed a seamless, easy-to-use and highly configurable platform to meet the individual needs of your organization and create effective paper-less processes. PeopleGoal enables you to set and track objectives and key results, gather 360 degree feedback, conduct regular check-ins and performance reviews, deliver employee engagement surveys, and more. These help you to gain valuable insights, measure and analyze key performance indicators and provide managers with data for action planning.

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Account configuration and training

Our account managers will work closely with your HR team to configure your PeopleGoal account to your specific requirements. We will review your requirements and make recommendations to improve your existing process. PeopleGoal integrates with BambooHR, Workday, MS Azure and ADP. We can utilize our integrations to import your employee data, or help you with uploading your employee data directly into your account. We also provide training to your HR function and employees if needed. Our aim is to ensure that every user has a comprehensive understanding of our platform and its capability.

Setting and tracking employee objectives

Setting performance objectives is an amazing way for managers to bring their team together in a common direction and get insight into each individual's contribution. Whether you're using Objectives & Key Results or SMART Goals, an effective strategy is to align your individual goals with the strategic objectives of your team, department, business unit and the organizational targets. With PeopleGoal, employees are able to set and be accountable for their own objectives. Managers have full visibility of their direct reports and should check in on goal progress regularly to keep targets on track and offer support when it's most critical.

Setting and Tracking Objectives

Conducting employee manager 1:1 meetings

The monthly check-in is one of the best tools you have to encourage employee manager relationships and boost overall engagement. PeopleGoal allows you to design configurable 1:1 meetings to document all employee-manager discussion points. You can automatically bring through employee objectives to give a status update, and provide a template of 1:1 questions to give guidance and address overall performance issues, areas of growth and improvement, upcoming holidays and general employee wellbeing.

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Gathering peer and manager feedback

Peer feedback is just as important as feedback from an employee's line manager. It's often your colleagues who have more insight into your areas of strength and weakness as you work alongside one another day to day. Use PeopleGoal to design configurable feedback forms for teams and departments, and gather feedback from peers, managers, and even external parties like clients and suppliers.

Employee Feedback

Engagement surveys

Measuring base levels of employee engagement is the first step to improving it. Whether you use a full annual engagement survey, regular pulse surveys or just regularly ask employees how they're feeling; reaching out for organizational feedback will help you to measure and track themes in engagement across the business.

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee recognition

A fantastic complement to improving employee engagement is our suite of recognition badges. Give a quick thank you to teammates and colleagues who've gone above and beyond, and recognize them publicly on the Timeline. It's a great morale booster and an easy way to encourage a culture of appreciation in your team members, driving the emotional connection of your workforce to your business.


Performance reviews

Performance reviews become quick and easy when you spend the majority of your performance cycle tracking objectives, gathering feedback and having ongoing 1:1 conversations between employees and managers. The annual appraisal can then be a much more in-depth, long-sighted discussion about future development and organizational clarity that improves long-term employee engagement. You can design powerful, targeted review forms at every level that incorporate objective updates, competency assessments and areas of strengths and weaknesses for every individual in your organization.

Performance Reviews


With hundreds of thousands of data points across multiple HR areas, you'll need a suite of reports to measure, highlight and visualize all of your people analytics.


New to employee manager software?

We've got a few resources to help you make the right choice when it comes to investing in performance management system - whether it's a question of what features your employee manager software should include or if you're a small business looking for performance management software for the first time. We've also got our Essential Guide to Human Resources Management that gives you a history of HRM's development and what should matter most to your business today.

Best employee manager software online resources

1. Essential Guide to Employee Engagement – PeopleGoal
2. Essential Guide to HRM - PeopleGoal
3. Employee Engagement 3.0: From Feedback to Action - Bersin

Getting employee engagement right can be especially difficult if you are new to it. Our Essential Guide to Employee Engagement covers the topic of engagement in depth, diving into how to define types of employee engagement, global engagement trends, how to get started in your organization, what to expect in the future and much more.

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Popular Questions & Answers

What is employee management software?

Employee management software enables you to evaluate the overall performance of your employees. It enables business leaders to improve productivity and employee engagement through 360-degree feedback, performance reviews, OKRs, regular check-ins, one-on-one meetings, employee recognition, surveys and more.

How do you measure employee engagement?

Defining employee engagement is not an easy task and can mean diametrally different things for different companies. Hence, you should start with what it means to be engaged in your business.

We have previously addressed measuring employee engagement in our previous article highlighting the best practices. To evaluate the levels of employee engagement in your business you should:

  1. Use multiple survey methods; include comprehensive engagement surveys, pulse surveys or conduct sentiment analysis.
  2. Measure engagement frequently.
  3. Follow up with an action plan after the survey
  4. Share results with your workforce
  5. Act on feedback

What is a Pulse survey?

A pulse survey is an effective way to quickly measure employee engagement and track progress over time. It is used to measure metrics such as employee productivity, satisfaction, or overall attitude towards the company. Traditionally, pulse surveys are designed to be sent out on a weekly or bi-weekly manner. They often have a higher response rate as more complex or annual surveys, due to their thematic and short nature.

What is the objective of employee engagement?

Employee engagement becomes increasingly important for organizations that want to retain their best talent and develop productive workforce. Sufficient levels of employee engagement go hand in hand with high performing staff and innovative and inclusive company culture.

What are the types of employee engagement?

The three main types of levels of engagement are;

  1. Engaged employee
  2. Not engaged employee
  3. Actively disengaged employee

If you are interested in finding out more about various types of employee engagement, visit our essential guide that will provide you with more detail and in-depth information.

How do you motivate your employees?

  1. Recognize and award their efforts and contribution
  2. Offer regular training opportunities
  3. Develop a strong company culture
  4. Provide and ask for regular feedback
  5. Encourage honest and open communication across all levels of your organization

Motivating your employees results in higher productivity, innovation, and higher employee retention rates.

How do managers motivate employees?

  1. Dedicate time to listen to your employees, schedule regular check-ins and one-to-one meetings
  2. Provide specific and constructive on your employees performance
  3. Give your employees a voice and act upon their ideas and concerns
  4. Involve your workforce in decision making
  5. Celebrate and recognize success
  6. Encourage employees to take responsibility
  7. Favor social recognition across all the levels of your business
  8. Embody the values and mission of the business in your behavior

How do you value an employee?

  1. Provide them with flexibility and show them trust
  2. Encourage social recognition
  3. Implement comprehensive benefits
  4. Drive ongoing 360 feedback

If we caught your attention and you want to find out more about the benefits of employee management tool for your organization, schedule a quick call with us.

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