What Feedback Questions Should We Ask?

What feedback questions should you ask to ensure you get constructive feedback? We list some of the best options.

What feedback questions to ask?

Employee Feedback Questions:

  • What are my strong areas of performance?
  • Which skills I should improve?
  • How I can improve my soft skills?
  • What skills I should develop in order to progress my career?
  • How do you think I performed in this task?
  • How did you find my interactions with you and the rest of the team?
  • What I can do to improve the team performance?
  • How I can make our team excel?

Manager Feedback Questions:

  • What type of skills we should look to new hires?
  • Did you feel empowered from my management style through out the performance cycle?
  • Did I help you build new skills?
  • Was I an effective coach and mentor?
  • Did you feel your goals and objectives were within your skillset to complete?
  • Did you feel stretched enough throughout the performance cycle?
  • Did you enjoy the tasks you completed?
  • Do you feel rewarded for your contributions in the overall business agenda?
  • What I should improve as a manager?
  • What are my weaknesses as a manager?

Business Environment Feedback Questions:

  • Did you get enough time to socialize with the rest of the team?
  • How we can improve company communication with employees?
  • How we can make the company a great place to work?
  • Was your goals linked to business objectives?
  • Was the vision and mission of the company aligned with your goals and tasks?
  • How we can help employees socialize better?
  • Did you feel socially engaged with the other team members?
James Strickland

James Strickland

CTO at PeopleGoal

2 minute readPublished on November 13, 2013

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