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Published on 7th September 2015 by Nik Lygkonis

Many companies struggle to complete their performance reviews, communicate what is expected from their employees and ensure employees
are accountable for their results and performance.
The best way to increase participation and on time competition of
performance reviews is to automate the process and the content of the
review. Here are some clear benefits of moving from manual employee
performance reviews to an automated performance management system:

Faster and simplified process
An automated employee performance management process can be configured
to your needs with customizable set of questions and clear workflow
tasks. Roles and responsibilities of the manager and employee are
clear and everyone knows by when they have to complete their part.
Using an automated employee performance management system you can
review the process at any point in time and track progress at every
step in the process. If reviews are missing automated reminders will
be send at any point in time

Timely completion of reviews
With an automated employee performance management system you can set
clear timelines and tasks. Everyone is aware what is expected from
them and by when. When a process step is completed the software
automatically notifies the next person with due dates and what is
expected from them. No chasing will be required from HR. Custom
reminders can be created in the system to enable timely notification
and reduce time spend on chasing employees and managers.
Managers and employees have instant access to all material required to
complete employee reviews:
1. Scoring guidelines
2. Ratings
3. Past performance
4. Feedback and development points
5. Language and spelling checks

Time savings
The above will drive significant time savings. PeopleGoal conducted a
case study last year to estimate time saved from moving to automated
employee performance reviews. Here are the results:
Employees spend 50% less time in completing their self-evaluations
Managers spend 80% less time in completing employee reviews
• HR spend 90% less time managing the performance review process

Descriptive Statistics and Reporting Analytics
Moving to an automated employee performance management system while
give you access to a wide variety of data analytics. You will be able
to analyze employee performance instantly and generate reports on:
• Over/under performance
Employee / Team skills and competencies
• Development themes for employees and teams
• Goal progress and alignment to company objectives
Performance review completion rates
• Team / Employee strengths and weaknesses

Data can be further analyzed to calibrate ratings, create succession
plans, compensation allocation and create development plans.

Cost Savings
Further to time savings moving to an automated employee performance
management system will allow for significant cost savings as managers
will have more time to focus on managing and developing people rather
than writing performance reviews. Automated reviews also save HR time
spend on managing the process and filling each review.

Increased employee productivity and performance
Managing the review process with a performance review system an
employee can match easier to align goals with company objectives and
track progress. Therefore, employees can easily understand how they
contribute to the company success; which by itself serves to increase
employee productivity and performance.
Managers are able to tailor their coaching based on feedback and
development points collected through the process as and can set clear
expectations from their direct reports; which will help employees
understand how their work is being evaluated within their company, a
key contributor in reducing employee turnover. Finally an automated
employee performance system will enhance reliability of the review
process and increase accountability and responsibility for both the
managers and employees

An automated employee performance review process will help you unlock
the real benefits of the review process and unlock employee
performance and productivity.

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