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Why arrange a consultation with PeopleGoal?

We've found that we can add more value to the conversation if we are talking about your requirements, the challenges you're facing, and how we can help you. We'll send you a link to a product demo in advance of the consultation so that we're both on the same page. We'll then spend the time really tackling the performance management issues you're facing, and discussing how PeopleGoal can help with these. Our consultations typically take 30 minutes and will conclude with detailed next steps.

The benefits of continuous performance management

Why will this work in your organization?

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When employees regularly review their progress against goals they are far more likely to actively manage themselves and hit these targets
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Objective feedback is only possible when measured against specific goals; with regular feedback on your goal performance employees actually develop
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Check-ins shouldn't be limited to once a year; manager reviews can happen in real time with live performance data from PeopleGoal
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