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"We love how easily PeopleGoal enabled to place Performance and Development in to the hands of our leaders and co-workers. Everyone says it’s easy to use, gives great overview and brings value from day-one."

kevin vaz peoplegoalAhto Karolin, Digital Lead, Luminor Bank

Benefits to your company


    100% participation in reviews, 85% before the deadline
    3x improvement in manager-employee communications and role expectations when using monthly check ins
    Improved visibility of company goals and objectives


    70% reduction in manager time spent discussing employee performance
    2x increase in constructive feedback given across the business


    Improved perception of performance management process for managers and employees
    90% reduction in HR time spend to manage performance management process and performance management reporting

Management & C-Suite

    100% of Managers and C-Suite agree that they have better visibility on what employees and teams are working on
    Improved employee engagement levels across the company
    Easier to cascade company objectives and goals to the employees

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