Weekly Priorities

Track the tasks you'll be working on this week and report back on your progress at the end of the week.

Weekly Priorities


Documenting your tasks prioritizes your work for the week ahead and keeps you on track with your big-picture objectives.

This super-simple app should be used as a way to track weekly priorities and feedback on progress at the end of the week. It's a status check-in that encourages employees to be accountable for their work and for leaders to effectively track the volumes of work across their team.

The Weekly Tasks app will ask you:

  • What will you be working on this week? (Monday)
  • Is there anything blocking you from completing your tasks?
  • Provide an update on your weekly tasks' status and completion (Friday)


  • Create alignment across all departments, teams and individuals
  • Keep the company's strategic vision top of mind for everyone
  • Hold leaders accountable to the targets they set

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