Training Approval

Register and get approval for external training and development courses.

Training Approval


Training and coursework is an essential part of learning and professional development. Employees should be encouraged to pursue training courses, whether internal or external to the company.

This Training Approval app allows employees to easily request approval for any type of course, and get sign-off from their line manager and department budget owner. Included in the app is:

  • Course details, costs, dates and reasons why the course would be beneficial
  • Approval from the line manager to take the course
  • Approval from the budget owner to pay for the course (if needed)
  • A record for employees of what training and development programs they've attended

You can expand this app further to provide a list of all internal courses that employees are required to take. HR can then track registrations, course times and participants to ensure all staff are fully trained on company policies and development activities.


  • Development and growth opportunities are a crucial part of employee engagement
  • Keep a record of completed training that can be fed into performance reviews and development plans
  • Skills learned can be tracked by HR and used in succession planning

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