Time Tracking

Set up timesheets for any project work. Mark the days/hours you've worked and optionally record the items you've worked on.

Time Tracking


A simple and user-friendly time tracking module for your team and employees. Timesheets are commonly used for project work so that hours and time spent on specific tasks can be recorded.

The Time Tracking module involves three stages:

  • Record time: the employee records the hours worked, and optionally the items they worked on
  • Approve timesheet: the timesheet approver will review the timesheet and approve/reject, adding comments as necessary
  • Completed timesheet: if approved, the timesheet is marked as complete and returned to the employee. If rejected, the employee can amend and re-submit the timesheet.

This is a simple and effective way to record time worked on deliverables. Note that Saturday and Sunday are not included by default, but the template can be easily amended to include these. You can also edit the template to add project codes and allow employees to allocate hours split across different projects/clients.


  • Manage team availability
  • Ensure there are no coverage gaps without adequate planning
  • Employees get quick approval for any absence type
  • Leaders get an accurate records of absences

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