Set goals which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.



SMART goals provide a framework to set well-defined employee targets and are a great place for organizations to start with goal-setting.

The SMART methodology helps you to clearly define what it is you want to achieve by asking five key questions:

  • How is your goal specific?
  • How will the goal be measured?
  • Is this goal achievable given your skills, tools and resources?
  • How is the goal relevant to the broader organizational strategy and your own personal ambitions?
  • Is the goal time-bound with a clear target date?

The SMART goals app allows anyone to quickly and easily set up their objectives by following four simple steps:

  • Employees start with the goal-setting form and use the SMART attributes to build their goal.
  • SMART goals are sent to an approver who approves or rejects the goal with comments. If rejected, the goal is sent back to the employee to make updates and resubmit.
  • Once approved the goal updates are tracked by the employee including status updates, progress indicators and helpful flags.
  • When the target date is hit the goal is closed off and locked for any further updates.

SMART goals should be set at least every quarter, tracked regularly and discussed in the monthly one-to-one meeting.


  • Create a tried-and-tested framework for goal setting
  • Give employees the power to track their performance progress with guidance from their manager
  • Have an easy-to-view picture of all employee targets and statuses using the data view

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