Conduct a simple performance review with your line manager. The process includes self-assessment, manager assessment and sign-off.



Performance reviews provide an invaluable opportunity for employees and managers to discuss progress and for senior leaders to assess the state of the organization.

Our flexible Reviews app allows you to run a simple and effective performance review whenever it's required - quarterly, annually or on start date anniversaries. App owners can also schedule reviews to be created automatically at a frequency you choose, so you can set up the app once and leave it to run.

The Reviews app includes:

  • An employee self-assessment to reflect on highs, lows, challenges and overall progress. We include one overall rating to help benchmark performance.
  • A line manager then provides their comments on the self-assessment and gives an overall rating. At this point a face to face discussion should take place to discuss what's been written.
  • The employee signs off the review with any additional comments after the in-person discussion.

The Reviews app is designed for just one supervisor to provide an assessment. We have an additional app to conduct Reviews with multiple managers. You can also add your own elements to assess performance areas, skills and competencies that are unique to your organization.


  • Get a simple framework to run easy-to-use performance reviews
  • Automate the review setup to ensure employees and managers are prompted to check in
  • Get a top-level picture of star talent and underperformers using the performance ratings and data view

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