Request a One-to-One meeting with your direct report and document the discussion.



Monthly One-to-Ones are a cornerstone of continuous performance management. They're a dedicated space for employees and managers to catch up on work, provide feedback and share development ideas.

Having regular one-to-one meetings means you'll get timely feedback about your performance and have the opportunity to raise issues when they matter most.

The One-to-Ones app includes:

  • Manager sets up meeting date and calendar invites are automatically sent out
  • A structured agenda to prompt the employee to provide updates on what's going well, what needs to be improved, current roadblocks and check in on work/life balance
  • Employee documents outcomes from the meeting

You should further customize this app to set default participants by relationship (manager, supervisor, mentor, as needed) and include any company-specific talking points that are important for your staff to be discussing. You should also stipulate that a face to face meeting takes place and give managers proper coaching to get the most out of their catch-ups.


  • Provide a structured agenda for employee/manager catch-ups
  • Set up a monthly schedule to automatically create new 1:1s for all employees
  • Promote regular check-ins to tackle performance issues when they arise

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