Give new hires the tools and support they need to successfully integrate into the company culture.



Provide your newest recruits with the tools and support they need to successfully integrate and get up to speed.

This Onboarding workspace includes:

  • A pre-onboarding checklist to gather new hire information and set them up with the right policies, documents and equipment before they start.
  • An onboarding checklist to make sure HR, admin support, IT, managers and new talent are fully up to speed when a new person joins.
  • An onboarding checklist for managers to give a framework to properly onboard any new hire in 90 days.
  • A new joiner survey to check in with new talent and make sure they're getting the onboarding support they need.

Once you've installed this workspace all of the above functionality will be available. You are encouraged to make further customizations to each app including setting manager relationships, default participants and updating statuses.


  • Improve talent acquisition and retention
  • Decrease the time to full productivity for new employees
  • Promote a better company culture

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