Exit Interview

Conduct an exit interview with a departing employee.

Exit Interview


Exit interviews are a chance to ask for open and honest feedback about your organization. This Exit Interview template can be used for any kind of departing employee, whether their departure is voluntary or involuntary.

The Exit Interview covers:

  • 12 employee questions about their working life, company culture and their relationship with their manager.
  • An HR section to add important employee details for your records like their start date, salary info and outstanding issues.
  • A summary section to share anonymized employee responses with their supervisor. This is critical to helping the supervisor know and improve their management techniques.

The interview questions are a best-in-class set designed to gather a broad range of feedback and allow the employee to give in-depth responses.


  • Gather valuable insights about your company culture and management styles
  • Get honest, critical feedback which you can use to drive organizational improvement
  • Keep employee responses confidential to HR, and summarize and share those responses with management
  • One overall "score" helps you keep track of the overall impression of the company over time

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