Employees who are engaged in their work achieve a greater sense of meaning and job satisfaction. They also perform better.



Employee engagement levels show you the motivation, satisfaction and commitment to organizational success among your team members. It's crucial to benchmark your engagement levels to identify areas for improvement and track this progress over time.

This Engagement workspace includes:

  • Employee Engagement Survey - a long-form annual survey to measure engagement across core business areas like teamwork, communication, professional growth and company belonging.
  • Well-Being Survey - make sure employees are taking care of their health, lowering stress and keeping a work-life balance.
  • Weekly Pulse Survey - check in regularly with team members to measure productivity and engagement.
  • Mood Survey - a quick pulse survey to measure employee satisfaction at work.
  • Exit Interview - gather feedback from departing employees to get an honest picture of life at your company and identify areas for improvement.

Once you've installed this workspace the above functionality will be available. You are encouraged to make further customizations to each app including setting manager relationships, fixed participants and updating statuses.


  • Boost employee productivity and quality of work
  • Lower rates of absenteeism and employee turnover
  • Increase revenue and client satisfaction
  • Drive loyalty and advocacy among the team

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