Employee Engagement Survey

Track employee engagement against key factors such as employee-manager relationship, communication, growth opportunities and work-life balance.

Employee Engagement Survey


Employee engagement indicates how satisfied employees are with their working life, their team relationships, and the company. It's a critical part of HR management to ensure every employee is given the proper tools and working environment they need to do their best work.

Engagement is measured in a number of ways, the primary being the Employee Engagement Survey. You should send out this survey annually at least, or every three to six months if you're finding you have a high employee turnover.

Using the results of your survey you can engage key stakeholders (not just HR!) and build action plans to implement changes to improve your organizational health.

The Engagement Survey template includes:

  • Likert scale questions to assess how well the organization promotes communciation, manager relationships, employee growth opportunities and work-life balance.
  • An eNPS (employee net promoter score)
  • General comments and feedback

The standard is for engagement surveys to be run anonymously, and to include responses from your entire workforce. You can use the webforms functionality in the app settings to run an anonymous survey. The template is also easy to customize to add more questions like employee demographics.


  • Install an industry-leading template of questions with no limits on the number or frequency of surveys you can run.
  • Baseline your key employee engagement metrics and know where you need to improve your efforts.
  • Increase talent retention, overall satisfaction and productivity.
  • Use your survey data to build warning signals for disengaged employees and predict potential turnover.

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