Diversity and Inclusion Pulse Survey

A short survey to gauge how diversity and inclusion is perceived across the organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Pulse Survey


Organizations around the world are showing a greater commitment to D&I than every before. This survey will help you to quickly measure diversity and inclusion in your organization over time.

The survey should be sent out at least once a month and asks 5 Likert scale (agree/disagree) questions:

  1. I feel like I belong at my company
  2. I can voice a contrary opinion without fear of negative consequences
  3. Perspectives like mine are included in decision making
  4. Administrative tasks that don’t have a specific owner are fairly divided
  5. My company believes that all employees can utilize their talents and improve their abilities

The survey can either be anonymous by using the webforms functionality in the app settings, or respondents can leave their names by creating items within the app.


  • Get quick and actionable results
  • Track results over time to measure the improvements of your D&I efforts
  • Ensure all employees are seen and heard and make D&I a collective goal

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