Development Plans

Track your professional development by creating career targets and defining the skills, knowledge and personal traits needed to achieve your goals.

Development Plans


Development plans help employees to articulate their career goals and design a clear path to progression.

This Development Plan app includes:

  • Preparation questions designed to get employees thinking about what they like and dislike about their current role, their personal values and their areas of interest
  • Career goal planning
  • The development areas needed to achieve the career goals: skills, knowledge, personal traits and potential distractions

Each section has an area for supervisor comments so that employees can work together with their leaders to make sure they're on the right track and ask for advice. Employees can then track their goal progress over time and make regular updates to the overall development plan until they reach their targets.


  • Help employees to map out a clear path to progression
  • Engage supervisors in providing valuable advice and guidance to their team members
  • Give senior leadership insight into long-term employee goals to aid succession planning

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