Track your personal and professional development with apps for training approval, career progression and development plans.



Employee development is fundamental to team success. Creating a development roadmap ensures employees are growing professionally, continually developing their skills and meeting the organizational goals.

This Development workspace includes apps for:

  • Development Plans - plan your career development by defining your goals, identifying the skills and knowledge needed to achieve them, and track updates as you progress.
  • Career Progression One-to-Ones - have a discussion about your career path with a mentor or supervisor.
  • Training Approval - register for training courses and get quick approval from your line manager and budget owner.

Once you've installed this workspace the above functionality will be available. You are encouraged to make further customizations to each app including setting manager relationships, fixed participants and updating statuses.


  • Give employees the autonomy to plan their own career progression with a mentor's support
  • Allow self-service access to training courses and encourage employees to develop their professional skills
  • Give leaders a vision of how employees want to progress to aid with succession planning

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