Confidential Feedback

Send confidential, constructive feedback and observations to a colleague's manager or HR.

Confidential Feedback


Feedback can be a tricky subject for employees who may not be comfortable giving open criticism to their peers. Give everyone the option to send feedback to a manager, supervisor or HR and ensure their comments are kept confidential.

Peer feedback provides plenty of opportunities to learn from one another, but that feedback isn't always delivered with tact and understanding. If your organization is new to giving feedback or you'd prefer that managers summarize comments and deliver only the summaries to their reports, then confidential feedback is for you.

The Confidential Feedback app includes:

  • Three simple start, stop and continue questions to help providers frame their feedback in a specific and constructive way
  • An assessment grid to easily rate skills, teamwork and professionalism
  • An area for general comments

Once you're more confident that feedback is given in a constructive way, you can install the full 360 Feedback app to sit alongside your confidential feedback process.


  • Help team leaders to understand their team's strengths and weaknesses
  • Limit potential damage from thoughtless feedback by going through a gatekeeper
  • Help your peers improve and grow through constructive feedback
  • Reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses

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