Set a structured agenda and talking points for a meeting with your manager or colleague.



Regular check-ins are vital for employee development and for building productive working relationships between supervisors and their direct reports. They're a chance to reflect and take stock of your work, development, wellbeing and satisfaction.

This simple check-ins app allows anyone to set up a meeting with their manager, supervisor, mentor or a colleague. We leave it up to the initiator to create their talking points so that they can have a catch-up with their own agenda.

The Check-ins app includes:

  • Setting up the meeting type, date and talking points
  • An option for the counterpart to accept or decline the meeting
  • The initiator documents the meeting outcomes and agreed action items

You should further customize this app to allow employees to link other information into the check-in (goals, peer feedback etc.). We have additional apps for Monthly One-to-Ones and Career Development One-to-Ones if you're looking for a more structured set of talking points.


  • Regularly check in on employee development, engagement and well-being
  • Promote relationship building between employees and colleagues
  • Identify problems early on so you can create action plans to improve

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