Benchmarking Survey - D&I

Benchmark the levels of diversity and inclusion across the organization in order to start tracking improvements and employee feedback.

Benchmarking Survey - D&I


There is no such thing as a diverse individual. Diversity is a relational and contextual concept; a set of characteristics drawn from a specific group of people, in a specific setting, measured on a collective whole.

Your organization has its own unique criteria for diversity and inclusion, and your own areas that you need to improve. The best way to start to tackle this is to measure the perception of D&I among the people who live your company culture every day: the employees.

This Diversity & Inclusion benchmarking company survey is created to help you baseline your D&I efforts to create a platform on which you can improve. The survey asks 10 questions about leadership, hiring, training and motivations for diversity that shouldn't take longer than 3 minutes to complete.


  • Identify your unique areas of improvement and strength
  • Gather data that will enable you to incorporate D&I in your organizational strategy
  • Understand barriers to employee progression

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