Asset Tracking

Maintain an inventory of company assets like mobile phones, laptops and equipment.

Asset Tracking


Allow departments to effectively manage the assets they own and give staff the ability to quickly request new equipment as needed.

Included in the Asset Tracking app is:

  • A request form for new equipment
  • An approval form for the asset owner to approve/reject the request with comments
  • A section for asset details including serial numbers, photos and loan dates
  • A read-only asset record for the new asset holder to keep track of equipment they've been loaned

Typically a new asset request will go to an individual in IT or Procurement. You can edit the app template to set these individuals as default participants once you've installed the app. This means you'll set up the process once and the app can run as a self-service request portal for all employees.

Owners can use the data view to get an up to date picture of all assets out on loan, request returns and manage any damages or loss as needed.


  • Manage overall inventory and reduce risk
  • Improve transparency in asset ownership
  • Streamline the new joiner process by providing them with the right equipment when they need it

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