Absence Management

Track sick leave, holidays, vacations, maternity/paternity leave, and compassionate leave.

Absence Management


Give employees a self-service portal to request time off within the requirements of the company absence policy.

The Absence Management app includes:

  • An absence request form to document the absence type and planned days off
  • An approval step for line managers to approve/reject the absence request
  • A read-only copy of the request to maintain absence records

This is a general app covering a wide variety of absence types. The absence categories included in this module are:

  • Sickness/Illness requests
  • Vacation/Holiday requests
  • Maternity/Paternity leave
  • Compassionate leave
  • Study/Training

You can always modify this template to include additional categories as necessary, and to include other approval steps if needed. You can also attach the company absence policy as a reference document.


  • Manage team availability
  • Ensure there are no coverage gaps without adequate planning
  • Employees get quick approval for any absence type
  • Leaders get an accurate records of absences

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