360° Feedback

Gather multi-rater feedback from peers to understand your strengths and blind spots. Nominate evaluators and send out a feedback questionnaire. Get your Feedback profile and compare self-perception against the perceptions of others.

360° Feedback


360° feedback gives everyone a broad picture of their skills, working style and team relationships. It encourages open and honest communication between staff and ensures that performance conversations don't happen with just a supervisor.

The 360° Feedback app has the following sections:

  • Nomination process to select feedback evaluators
  • Competency-based feedback questions and ratings
  • Manager's feedback summary
  • Employee's Feedback Profile showing an average of all evaluator scores and a written summary from the manager

360° feedback should be gathered for an individual from many different levels of the organization: from juniors, colleagues, supervisors and leadership.

You are encouraged to edit the template to include your own feedback questions, ratings and competencies.


  • Give employees many different perspectives on their skills, strengths and weaknesses
  • Give supervisors a broader picture of their direct reports' working styles
  • Easily highlight top talent and identify underperformers
  • Encourage open communication between team members

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