Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Use this customizable PeopleGoal Diversity and Inclusion template as an outline for your company’s diversity and inclusion policies.

Use this customizable PeopleGoal Diversity and Inclusion template as an outline for your company’s diversity and inclusion policies.

The PeopleGoal Diversity and Inclusion describes terms for company efforts to increase diversity and inclusion. Simply adjust the information in the brackets to suit your company’s needs.

Diversity and Inclusion Practices

We are committed to creating an equitable workplace where diverse life experiences are respected and valued. This company sees diversity and inclusion paramount to the mission of our organization. Our company provides promotion, compensation, and benefits to all employees regardless of race, color, age, sex (including sexual orientation, pregnancy or gender identity) ethnicity or nationality, religion, disability, or medical history. Employees and contractors are guaranteed equal opportunities throughout their tenure with this company.

Diversity and inclusion are defined differently globally. At this company, ‘diversity’ refers to the representation of individuals with differing races, colors, ages, sexes, ethnicities or nationalities, religions, disabilities, and medical histories. ‘Inclusion’ refers to the respect, consideration, and appreciation given to members of diverse backgrounds.

In order to promote both diversity and inclusion, and ensure equal opportunities to all staff, this company has taken the following measures:

• provided company documents in multiple languages and tactile writing systems, like Braille; • modified company facilities for people with mobility challenges; • guaranteed a generous parental leave policy for new parents of adoptive and biological children; • allowed employees to submit requests for additional days of leave due to religious holidays; • required sensitivity training for all senior employees and managers; • implemented strong anti-discrimination procedures; and • appointed a Diversity Director, tasked with ensuring diversity and inclusion in all company activities.

The voices of our employees should be heard. To make suggestions or discuss additional measures that could be taken to support diversity and inclusion in your department, contact the Diversity Director. The Diversity Director is responsible for ensuring that an equitable workplace is a reality for our staff. To report issues of non-compliance with the Diversity and Inclusion policy, contact the Diversity Director to file a complaint.

Disclaimer: The PeopleGoal Policies are general templates and should only be used as a basis for company policies. Please take into account all local, state, and federal laws when drafting your company’s final policies. This is not a legal document or a contract, and PeopleGoal will not assume any legal liability associated with the use of this document.

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